CAMINO – the best choice among road luminares

CAMINO outdoor luminaire, will work well not only for lighting streets, but also parking lots, parks, squares or other extensive outdoor areas

Investors are looking for outdoor lighting, including street lighting, which is energy-effcient and eective, while guaranteeing low maintenance costs. CAMINO luminaire is an example of such a product. It is an ideal solution for investors – local government units, developers, entities implementing large investments.

Energy savings

CAMINO is an outdoor luminaire with an exceptional luminous effciency of 140lm/W, thus guaranteeing not only excellent illumination or significant energy savings, but also money. Invest in effciency by reducing the costs associated with electricity consumption.

Reliability of LUMILEDS branded LEDs

Equipped with branded LUMILEDS LEDs, the luminaire provides reliable and long-lasting lighting. We have ensured quality you can rely on. The lifetime of the luminaire, marked as L70B50 – 100,000h in practice, means that after a certain period of operation, at least 50% of the diodes in the luminaire will continue to shine with a brightness of at least 70% of their initial value.

Safety of use

With 10kV surge protection, our luminaire is protected against sudden power surges, which translates into reduced maintenance and component replacement needs.

Flexibility of installation

To meet the needs of our customers – we also took care of easy and flexible mounting, giving the possibility to tilt the luminaire by +/- 15 degrees or mount it at 90 degrees. The T2M lens, on the other hand, provides an optimal illumination angle of 150×110 degrees for road luminaires. This functionality allows the luminaire to perfectly adapt its lighting to specific environmental conditions.

Long warranty period

We value the trust of our partners and customers. That’s why we offer a 5-year warranty on CAMINO luminaire, so that they can peacefully enjoy perfect lighting for a long time.

Excellent price

Our offer stands out among luminaires of similar parameters with a sensational price. What is worth noting, we offer high quality – including a diffuser made of tempered glass and a housing made of cast aluminum.

Invest in efficient, reliable and cost-effective outdoor lighting. Choose our fixtures that will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.
CAMINO – technical parameters:
  • powers: 50W 100W 150W 200W
  • luminous effciency: 140 lm/W
  • branded light source SMD LED 2835 from the recognized manufacturer LUMILEDS
  • L70B50 – 100.000h
  • degree of protection: IP66
  • color temperature: 4000K
  • The T2M lens provides a 150×110 st illumination angle
  • housing: cast aluminum
  • diffuser: tempered glass
  • Mounting angle +/- 15 degrees and 90 degrees
  • 5 year warranty
Symbol Power Luminous flux colour temperature
203105 50W 7000lm 4000K
203112 100W 14000lm 4000K
203129 150W 21000lm 4000K
203136 200W 28000lm 4000K

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