Linear fixture FUSION – freely connect, shape, mix colors!

Provide your spaces with uniform, homogeneus and perfectly diffused light with the FUSION linear luminaire. This versatile luminaire is ideal for illuminating different types of rooms.

Creativity without limits

The FUSION linear luminaires series includes products with a power range of 20 to 60W and a color temperature of 4000K. The efficiency of the luminaires is an impressive 130 lm/W. You can adjust the light distribution angles with lenses adapting to your preferences and even eliminating the “glare” effect with a UGR shield.

Tailored to your needs

Thanks to the different wattage variants and different lengths, the luminaires can be perfectly adapted with any interior. Their universal shape makes them easy to mount on slings or surface-mounted.

Seamless linking

One of the greatest advantages of the linear luminaires FUSION series is the possibility of virtually tool-free linking of the luminaires using the built-in connectors, that are standard equipment. This makes it possible to create uniform, continuous lines of light and build a variety of lighting systems of any shape.

Durable and efficient

The luminaire body is made of robust aluminum, which not ensures a long life, but also effectively dissipates heat. This solution guarantees not only energy efficiency, but also safety of use.

  • Offices and spaces for commercial use: shopping malls, exhibition halls, hotels, restaurants and workplaces – FUSION linear luminaires will povide even lighting of any large space.
  • Meetings and lecture theatres: create ideal lighting conditions for meeting participants, speakers, and suitable presentation areas for teaching materials.
  • Warehouses and production halls: create adequate lighting in working areas and optimise energy consumption thanks to Merrytek sensors and Daylight Harvesting technology in FUSION luminaires.
  • Shops and shopping malls: aesthetically and evenly illuminating selected areas, highlighting products and architectural elements has never been easier.
Technical specifications:
  • Power: 20W/40W/60W,
  • Luminous efficacy: 130 lm/W,
  • interchangeable lenses: P18/ LR40/ PC120/ 30×60/ 60×90 /90×110 / UGR cover
  • color temperature: neutral 4000K,
  • mechanical resistance class: IK08
  • ingress protection class: IP20,
  • dimming function: YES,
  • very long life: defined by L70B50 parameter of 50,000 hours,
  • warranty of 5 years.

Discover the potential of FUSION linear luminaires and create lighting that meets your expectations.

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