LED line LITE PHOTON floodlights are the ideal solution for professional outdoor lighting. Equipped with state-of-the-art LEDs, they offer excellent light quality and energy efficiency. Thanks to their robust construction and water resistance, PHOTON floodlights are a reliable source of light even in the harshest weather conditions.


FUSION linear luminaire system gives you unlimited possibilities in creating lighting. With a variety of wattage, length and color options, you will fit them perfectly into any interior. Tool-free connection of luminaires using built-in connectors, allows you to create uniform continuous lines, while with a dedicated articulated connector you can easily create illumination of any shape.


Perfect lighting solution for outdoor spaces with the CAMINO series of luminaires. With a modern design and high quality workmanship, these outdoor light fixtures integrate perfectly with their surroundings, providing not only effective lighting, but also an aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the use of high-end LED solutions, we offer an energy-efficient and durable solution that will affect the comfort and safety of any outdoor space.


Outdoor luminaires series FLAMINGO, thanks to the variety of wattage and types of lighting, are able to meet a variety of needs. They are luminaires with a remarkable design that blends perfectly with the environment. They are an excellent choice for various outdoor areas, such as roads, plazas, parks, parking lots and backyards.


FLOODLIGHT spotlights are a series of weather-resistant lighting devices. FLOODLIGHT industrial floodlights are used in places where intense and effective lighting is required. Specially designed for use in industry and other demanding environments.


Phantom series of luminaires, available in three power variants and different angles of light distribution , thanks to adjustable lenses. With a luminous efficiency of 190 lm/W, the luminaires make it possible to be used in places where luminaires with higher power consumption were previously used. In addition, Phantom luminaires are ideal for use in environments subject to the accumulation of conductive dust. Discover exceptional quality and functionality.


Linker series of hermetic luminaires, designed for lighting facilities: medical, food, industrial and warehouses. The product uses materials and design solutions that increase its impact resistance. The product is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and is vandal-proof. Ergonomics of surface mounting or sling mounting.


The luminaire features a backlit design, which means placing the LEDs on the back of the body for high and even light output. The high quality of illumination and low glare make it an excellent choice for office, retail, educational spaces and other places where comfort and lighting quality play a key role.


The DOWNLIGHT CALMOS series combines sophisticated aesthetics with advanced lighting efficiency. Using powerful LEDs, they guarantee not only impressive lighting quality, but also reliability, confirmed by a long service life.


HIGH-BAY ECOBEAM is a cost-effective industrial lighting solution that offers solid performance at an affordable price. Available in three wattage options, providing versatile applications. An ideal choice for customers looking for economical and efficient lighting for production halls, warehouses or sports halls.


LED filaments are a unique family of products that combine modern LED technology with the classic, elegant style of incandescent filament bulbs. Thanks to their innovative design, filaments provide atmospheric light that is ideal for use in a variety of spaces, from living rooms to restaurants. Offering a wide range of shapes, wattages and color temperatures, they provide the flexibility to fit any interior.


The MOLLY series of downlight luminaires includes as many as 32 products ranging from 5W to 24W. The wide choice of wattage combined with their minimalist design makes the fixtures suitable for any type of interior – from a doctor’s office to a stylish boutique or a home living room. All models are available in round and square versions.


Ranger LED hermetic lighting is a reliable series of products designed for a variety of applications. Thanks to their unique hermetic design, Ranger luminaires provide excellent protection against moisture, dust and other external factors, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor industrial areas. Variants available in a variety of wattages and sizes allow the lighting to be customized to meet each customer’s specific needs. Choose reliability and durability.


The Slim Panel is the ideal solution for those looking for energy-efficient and efficient light sources for their lighting projects. Its ultra-thin design, high lighting quality and low glare make it an excellent choice for office, retail, educational spaces and other places where comfort and lighting quality play a key role.