LED line PRIME Panel Backlit – when comfort and lighting quality play a key role

With 42W and an unmatched 150lm/W effciency on the market, this Backlit panel is a fixture for the truly discerning. It is the ideal solution for those who are looking for energy-saving and effcient light sources for elegant lighting projects. Its features and quality are the key to comfortable lighting in once, commercial and educational spaces, and wherever it is important to reduce glare for the comfort of users, while stylish design is important

What distinguishes this model of LED line PRIME panel?
  • Backlit Technology: The luminaire features a backlit design, which means placing LEDs on the back of the body for high and uniform light output.
  • Perfect lampshade: Don’t worry about yellowing! Our yellow-free shade, does not yellow and maintains its transparency. In addition, the micro-prismatic textured shade provides high light transmission while eliminating glare. The result? Unparalleled comfortable lighting with a UGR<19.
  • Premium Class Power Supply: We guarantee trouble-free operation for a lifetime with a premium-grade power supply. The 5-year warranty is proof of our confidence in the reliability of the product.
  • Reliability and Effciency: we proudly offer 6300 lm of light with an extra high effciency of 150 lm/W. This is a distinctive achievement in the market! High-performance 2835 SMD LEDs and a robust power supply will ensure trouble-free operation.
  • Safety Guarantee: The Backlit panel meets the highest safety standards as evidenced by the PZH Certificate, which the luminaire has. This is a prestigious confirmation that our product is not only safe for health and the environment, but also meets strict quality standards. PZH attestation builds trust and credibility of our product, confirming our concern for the health and safety of users.
  • Versatile mounting: The luminaire offers various mounting options, from flush mounting in modular ceilings to surface mounting with a frame.

With the Backlit panel, you will gain energy-effcient, effective lighting that is friendly to the eyes and perfect for even the most demanding spaces.

Main product features:
  • Power: 42W
  • Color temperature: 4000K
  • Efficiency: 150lm/W
  • Light output: 6300 lm
  • UGR<19
  • Standard size: 60x60cm
  • Garantee: 5 years

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