Every day we improve our skills to respond even better, faster and more fully to the challenges of the LED market.

We are an expert company and our goal is to build an offer with the highest level of effectiveness.

This assumption applies to all areas affecting cooperation with our business partners. We shorten decision-making paths, help you choose the optimal assortment, and deliver products and components at the best price-quality ratio.

This approach generates not only higher profits, but also a higher level of security for each purchase and each investment.


When thinking about efficiency, we take into account not only the unique parameters of LED lighting, but above all our method of operation. Optimization and complementarity of the offer, speed and efficiency of operation, and a well-prepared and motivated team have a huge impact on the quality we offer.


An efficiency-based approach generates more profit. Taking care of every area of activity brings measurable profits not only for us, but also for our partners. By acting in accordance with the win-win principle, we establish lasting relationships based on trust, which are particularly valuable when the market situation is as dynamic as it is today.


Our offer includes only lighting products and components that we are absolutely sure of. The reliability of our products reaches over 96%. In this way, we minimize the time and commitment necessary to make a decision, which, combined with fast and efficient service on our part, allows for real savings.


An optimal offer and cooperation with an expert team reduces the risks associated with purchasing even the most innovative LED solutions. Customers know and value our flexibility, commitment and honesty. We can do this because the same rules apply inside the company – we are ourselves and our clients feel safe with us.

Milestones in our history













The history of our company begins and the LED line® brand is created.

In January 2011, the first products with the LED line® brand logo appeared on the market. We were the first in Poland to introduce innovative LED 150 strips and LED 600 strips with SMD3528 diodes, which are currently considered the standard when it comes to LED light sources. Our offer also includes the first models of light sources with a GU10 mounting.

This is an important stage in our business, because it was during this period that we introduced MULTIWHITE™ LED strips to the market, which use a special diode solution, currently protected by a patent in the European Union. The tapes we create allow you to freely adjust the color temperature in the range of 3200-7000K, for which special LED controllers are used.

In 2014, we were the first in Poland to create solutions based on FILAMENT diodes. At the same time, we created our export department, which took care of servicing the first partners from abroad. 2014 was also the year in which we tried to increasingly mark our presence on the lighting market by participating in the International Fair of Lighting Equipment – ŚWIATŁO in Warsaw.

The next milestone in our activity was the use of four independent light-emitting chips in one SMD diode, which we managed to achieve in 2015. Importantly, thanks to this pioneering type of LED, we managed to create a flexible RGBW LED strip, which allows (using special controllers) to conveniently select any light color from the RGB color palette and intense white light with high parameters.

We integrate our internal LEDIN product platform with the sales platforms of our trading partners. In this way, our clients and contractors gain access to the database in real time and have insight into current stock levels, as well as descriptions and technical information.

We receive funding from the European Union under the RPO WM 2014-2020, which was supported by our project entitled: “Professionalization and improvement of the quality of LED line® products by ensuring constant control of photometric and electromagnetic parameters in our own research laboratory.”

At the same time, we were the first in Poland to introduce light sources based on CSP (chip scale package) diodes, which are characterized by low thermal resistance and the possibility of placing the diode on a ceramic housing. Thanks to this, our diodes are able to operate at higher current values, thus guaranteeing high light efficiency and long-term lighting reliability.

In 2017, we installed LUMILEDS diodes in the UFO High Bay lamps in the version with increased light efficiency, LUXEON 3030, which allowed us to achieve the luminous efficiency of the entire luminaire at the level of 120 lm/W.

For our team, 2018 was a period of dynamic changes that brought numerous benefits to our clients. We then carried out a comprehensive reconstruction of our offer, focusing especially on products dedicated to industry. We have also revolutionized our distribution system, which resulted in better availability of products on the domestic market. An undeniable milestone was also the implementation of the PIM (Product Information Management) system, which enabled more effective management of information about our products.

Our LED line® Light Research and Measurement Center is officially launched, where the R&D department constantly implements new products, tests them and adapts their parameters to the quality standards set by LEDIN.

We are working hard to create a new image of our brands online. A new website for the LED line® and LEDOM brands has been launched. In the same year, we started design work on the creation of a new warehouse in Tobolice.

The management board of our company LEDIN Sp. z o. o. is growing – he is joined by a long-time employee of our company, Mateusz Sztemberg.

We become the exclusive distributor for the Polish market of the Merrytek brand, a world leader in the supply of advanced lighting sensors.

2021 is a breakthrough for us in sales activities – we decided to give up serving retail customers via e-commerce channels and launch an advanced B2B platform for wholesale customers.

In August 2021, it is also planned to open a new warehouse in Tobolice, which will accommodate over 850 pallet spaces.

The dynamic development and increase in recognition made branding changes necessary: we needed a strong image and building a coherent identity. Therefore, in 2023 we carried out rebranding, changed the logo and colors, rebuilt the brand architecture and developed an LED line brand strategy.

In 2023, we also significantly expanded our portfolio, introducing over 50 new products to the market. We have also introduced a new brand, AURA, with a line of products close to humans. This is the year in which we systematically implemented the next step in our mission, creating light that not only illuminates, but also determines a new level of comfort and adds a unique character to the rooms.

We understand the challenges of the LED market

We are close to people

LED line is a technological brand and every day we are focused on creating effective solutions for our business partners. But we are aware that the world around us is primarily made up of people. We support various campaigns with great commitment, especially those that help people in need.

Since 2014, we have been co-financing the Motoserce campaign, which aims to spread the idea of blood donation. We participate in the life of our local community by co-organizing neighborhood festivals in Ostrołęka and the Night of Museums, which is an initiative of the Kurpie Culture Museum.

Together we organize Szlachetna Paczka, collections of products needed by animal shelters and other actions aimed at sharing our hearts with those in need.

A nature-friendly company

Technology must develop with respect for Nature, which is why we are an active participant in the Nature-Friendly Company program. We strictly comply with all regulations that affect the safety and health of people and the environment. Pursuant to the Act of September 11, 2015 (Journal of Laws of 2015, item 1688), we send used electrical and electronic equipment only to appropriate processing plants.

LED line


Przemysław Kowalczyk


Domestic sales department – field

Michał Wójcicki

Commercial director for domestic sales

Agnieszka Czachor

Regional Sales Manager

Mariusz Klinko

Regional Sales Manager

Krzysztof Jóźwiak

Regional Sales Manager

Konrad Szewczyk

Regional Sales Manager

Michał Sierant

Regional Sales Manager

Domestic sales department

Dariusz Rostkowski

Head of the Sales Office

Beata Mróz-Łuba

Senior sales specialist

Beata Bednarczyk

Sales specialist

Monika Paszczyk

Sales specialist

Export department

Mateusz Sztemberg

Commercial director for export

Magdalena Drężek

Executive Regional Manager

Bartosz Zagalski

Client Relations Associate

Krzysztof Literski

Export Manager

Kamil Perkowski

Client Relations Associate

Purchasing department

Przemysław Mirek

Director of Logistics

Przemysław Wróblewski

Product Manager

Anna Kowalska

Purchasing specialist

Krzysztof Antkowiak

Product Manager


Konrad Filochowski

Lead Digital Manager


Anna Główczak

Marketing Manager

Mateusz Szaniawski

Junior creative graphic designer

Bartłomiej Pabich

Office worker

Karolina Pyskło

Marketing specialist

Technical Department

Norbert Chrzanowski

Technical Director

Radosław Kośnik

Laboratory manager

Mateusz Dzięgielewski

Junior measurement specialist

Jakub Bednarczyk

Service Manager

Przemysław Ciak

Junior service specialist

Michał Tułowiecki

Senior infrastructure specialist


Natalia Fatyga

HR and Management Office Management Specialist

Maksym Łopuch

Director of Modern Market Development


Monika Pysznik

Chief accountant

Urszula Dziadak

Accounting Specialist

Dorota Guzal

HR and payroll specialist

Sylwia Stachórska

Junior accounting specialist


Paweł Przeradzki

Warehouse manager

Rafał Piersa

Senior Warehouse Employee

Rafał Niedźwiecki

Senior Warehouse Employee

Filip Gut

Warehouse employee

Robert Perzyna

Warehouse employee


Grzegorz Nowak

Technical sales advisor

Magdalena Szymańska

Technical sales advisor

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Why LED line?
Because we are an ambitious, dynamic company that is gaining recognition both on the Polish market and internationally. We are a team of experts who create partnership-based business relationships based on trust. We operate based on the win-win principle, and our efficiency-based approach ensures a higher level of profit.


Our offer is addressed to both large purchasing groups as well as small shops specializing in the sale of lighting products.



LED line is one of the few lighting companies in Poland with such an extensive and modern technological base that allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of advanced investments.



We work with respected installation companies operating throughout Poland. Our specialists train employees in the field of industrial and commercial lighting installation.