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Home and Apartment

Create your dream space where modern design meets energy efficiency. Our lighting solutions not only add style to your interior but also help you lower your energy bills, thanks to the use of the latest LED technologies.

Public Facilities

Optimal lighting under all conditions with our professional LED fixtures. Easy installation, versatility of configuration, functionality, and modern style are the features that distinguish our products. Fixtures with high durability parameters guarantee quality for years. We offer lighting solutions tailored to the diverse needs of public facilities, providing not only efficient but also aesthetic lighting for public spaces, squares, or buildings. Choose our products and enjoy durable, energy-efficient, and modern lighting that meets the highest quality standards.

Industrial Facilities

Investing in LED lighting not only contributes to the optimization of energy costs but also guarantees a quick return on investment due to minimal maintenance requirements and the long life and durability of our products. Opt for efficient solutions that bring real financial benefits.

Commercial Facilities

First impressions are incredibly important, especially for commercial facilities. We offer LED-based lighting solutions that help you create a memorable atmosphere in your business. Our offer allows you to highlight the advantages of interiors while optimizing costs associated with electricity expenses.

Sports Facilities

We offer solutions that provide the best conditions for both athletes and fans, creating an unforgettable spectacle at the highest level. Our products ensure even lighting and optimal color temperature, making sports facilities perfect places for competition and experiencing sports emotions. With our innovative solutions, you can focus on delivering an excellent game, and fans can enjoy a full spectrum of sensations during each match.

Military Facilities

Our products have been carefully designed to meet the highest safety and reliability requirements, in accordance with applicable norms and standards. We offer lighting that not only ensures safety but also provides optimal lighting conditions, tailored to the specific needs of military facilities. Our solutions offer not only reliability in harsh conditions but also the right amount of light necessary for the effective functioning of military facilities. Take advantage of our offer to secure not only personnel but also maintain the operational efficiency of military facilities under any conditions.

More Efficiency for the LED World

We create a complementary offer

A well-designed offer facilitates its redistribution. No one needs stuck stock or mismatched components. Therefore, our offer is optimized to match the actual market needs.

Our prices are in the best ratio to quality

Price is an important criterion, but we always add a quality parameter to it. Our customers don’t like complaints and we don’t like them either. We achieve the highest available level of product reliability.

We don’t waste our customers’ time

Our decision-making paths are short because we know what we do. Customers do not have to wait long for quotes and decisions, even in complex projects. The offer is designed to provide a ready-made solution.

We raise safety standards

We effectively eliminate risks. LED line products are free of toxic substances, do not emit UV rays, are equipped with a FLICKER FREE system that prevents the flickering effect, and also have limited glare, which improves work comfort and safety.

The highest quality of service and products

Bezbłędnie skompletowane zamówienia do Klientów


Flawlessly completed orders for customers

Reklamacje Klientów rozpatrzone w terminie


Clients’ complaints processed in a timely manner

Zobowiązania uregulowane w terminie


Liabilities settled on times

Wskaźnik bezawaryjności produktów


Product’s failure-free rate indicator

*data from the current week

Selecting the optimal solution brings the greatest savings

Save 80% of energy while maintaining the same lighting parameters!

According to the Energy Market Agency, every fifth zloty spent on electricity is consumed by lighting.

Power consumption (W)
148.34 pln *
* Savings per year, calculated in comparison to a regular 50W light source burning 8 hours a day. Taking into account the price for 1kWh: 1.27 zł. (average price in Poland in 2023)

Quality without compromise

The most important goal of LED line LAB is to create and verify products so that they meet all, even the most restrictive, directives and standards that constitute the applicable company standard. The great attention with which we treat the quality of the product, i.e. its failure-free, durability and safety, results in 99.54% compliance, which means our complaint rate is only 0.46%.

Quality tests are carried out on a continuous basis and concern each batch of products – the condition for admission to sale is a positive and complete quality test. Thanks to this, we are sure that our customers receive products with which there are no problems either at the sales stage, at the investment stage or at the stage of use.

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Why LED line?
Because we are an ambitious, dynamic company that is gaining recognition both on the Polish market and internationally. We are a team of experts who create partnership-based business relationships based on trust. We operate based on the win-win principle, and our efficiency-based approach ensures a higher level of profit.


Our offer is addressed to both large purchasing groups as well as small shops specializing in the sale of lighting products.



LED line is one of the few lighting companies in Poland with such an extensive and modern technological base that allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of advanced investments.



We work with respected installation companies operating throughout Poland. Our specialists train employees in the field of industrial and commercial lighting installation.


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