The profiles are available in three options - each allowing a different type of installation:

- surface (measuring 16x9.5 mm), which provides a wide range of applications. This versatile profile is perfect as an element of decorative furniture backlighting and as an interior finish. It allows in a simple way to effectively enliven any room, giving it a unique character;

- Recessed (measuring 25.5x9.5 mm), specially designed for mounting inside milled holes, offers the possibility to create unique lighting. Thanks to its minimalist design, it will fit perfectly into any arrangement. The minimum required depth of the hole is only 9 mm, which makes installation extremely easy and convenient.

- corner, (measuring 16.6x16.6 mm), which, thanks to the angle of the LED strip equal to 45 degrees, allows you to create designer connections between two perpendicular surfaces. This is an ideal solution for use wherever it is necessary to direct the light at an angle, thus ensuring perfect illumination of the space.

In addition, each model is available in three colors - anodized, white or black - allowing you to perfectly match the lighting to your specific interior.

The profiles are offered in a complete set with all necessary accessories - including lampshades, caps and mounting brackets. KLIK lampshade is extremely easy both to install and remove. At the same time it provides excellent protection for the LED strip from external influences such as pollution or mechanical damage.

We also offer the option to purchase the kit without LED tape, giving customers the freedom to choose their favorite tape according to their preferences, with a maximum width of 12 mm.

PRIME line LED profiles are covered by as much as a five-year warranty, which allows you to enjoy their use for a long time without worrying about possible technical problems.

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
The transparency of the lampshade 73
IP protection rating 20
Warranty (years) 5
GPC classification 10003056 - Accent lighting
Status Active (on sale)
GS1 unit szt

Return on investment time 3 years

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