At LED line, we believe in the power of light and its impact on the spaces in which we live and work. If you dream of creating unique, innovative and functional lighting spaces, we are ready to cooperate with you.

Why is it worth choosing LED line?

Our products are based on the latest LED technologies, which allows us to offer energy-saving, durable and ecological lighting. Thanks to this, you not only create beautiful spaces, but also support sustainable development.

We understand that each project is unique. That’s why we offer customized lighting solutions to meet your unique requirements. Regardless of whether you design office interiors, commercial or residential spaces, we have products that will perfectly fit your vision.

Aesthetics and Functionality: Our products not only perfectly fulfill their functions, but are also elegant and aesthetic. Designed with harmony between light and space in mind, our lamps and lighting systems will emphasize the unique character of each project.

Our team of experienced lighting experts are ready to support you at every stage of your project. We are open to dialogue, creative ideas and challenges. Together we can achieve exceptional results.

For us, it’s not just a one-time project that counts. We want to build lasting relationships with our partners. That’s why we offer attractive terms of cooperation, competitive prices and quality guarantee.

Together we can create spaces that delight, inspire and meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Join the group of designers who have already discovered the potential of LED line lighting and see how together we can give your projects a new shine.

We have experience in implementing many types of investments:

Office and service facilities

Ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics, safety and economy are the key determinants that guide us when working on lighting for modern offices, service premises and spaces in industrial plants. We have in-depth knowledge of the impact of lighting on the quality and efficiency of work and on well-being, which is why the facilities we arrange not only meet all the standards set in the project, but are also human-friendly.

Industrial Facilities

Selecting appropriate lighting for industrial facilities is crucial for work efficiency and employee safety. First of all, the type of industrial activity and the specificity of the tasks performed should be taken into account. In the case of production halls, it is recommended to use high-power and high-quality lighting that ensures even light distribution and minimizes shadows and reflections. In warehouses and logistics halls, it is important to take into account the ceiling height and the characteristics of the stored goods, which may require the use of spot lighting or integrated lighting control systems. In addition, economic aspects such as operating costs and possible requirements for energy efficiency and sustainability must also be taken into account. Ultimately, consulting with experts in the field of industrial lighting and conducting a thorough analysis of the needs and working conditions in a given facility are crucial to effectively selecting the appropriate lighting system.

Public facilities

Selecting the right lighting for commercial facilities is crucial to creating an attractive atmosphere, ensuring safety and efficient functioning of the space. Before starting to design lighting, it is worth analyzing the needs and characteristics of the facility, taking into account, among others: type of activity, size of rooms, type of materials used and aesthetic preferences. Particular attention should be paid to uniform and effective lighting of the sales space or product display, which may increase the attractiveness of the commercial offer and improve customer comfort. It is also important to adjust the intensity and color of light to the specific needs of users and the specificity of a given activity in order to create the right atmosphere and highlight important elements of the interior. The final lighting effect should be both functional and aesthetic, increasing the visual and functional value of the commercial facility.

We work quickly and efficiently

We are reliable and punctual

It is extremely important to us that our customers receive the necessary products as quickly as possible. Therefore, orders placed by 1 p.m. via our B2B platform are shipped on the same day. Our customers are happy to take advantage of this opportunity, and 95% of the ordered products are ready for shipment on the same day.

We provide a prepared product database

We have a ready-made product database, which is a very useful tool for our partners. The database contains over 500 lighting products, carefully selected for various types of investments. The main criteria we adopted when developing the product base are usability, optimization and complementarity.

Our offer includes over 500 products:

  • Luminaires,
  • LED strips,
  • LED bulbs,
  • LED panels,
  • Spotlights,
  • LED modules.

Our experts are ready to help at any time in selecting solutions best suited to the specific type and requirements of the investment.

With our support, your investment will be implemented in accordance with the project, efficiently and on time!

Access to the BIMobject platform

We are a user of the BIMobject platform, intended for exchanging information in the BIM cloud and is a tool addressed to architects, interior designers and investors. The information on LED line lighting products posted on the platform is a great convenience at the stage of designing investment spaces, which our clients are happy to use.

Innovative technological facilities

In 2018, we created a professionally equipped LED line Light Research and Measurement Center, where advanced research is carried out related to the assessment of the quality and technical parameters of lighting produced in LED line®. Thanks to extensive production processes, we create modern products tailored to market needs. These are functional, safe and durable solutions with the highest usability parameters.

The most important goal of LED line LAB is to create and verify products so that they meet all, even the most restrictive, directives and standards that constitute the applicable company standard. The great attention with which we treat the quality of the product, i.e. its failure-free, durability and safety, results in 99.54% compliance, which means our complaint rate is only 0.46%.

Qualitative tests are carried out on a continuous basis and concern each batch of products – the condition for admission to sale is a positive and complete quality test. Thanks to this, we are sure that our customers receive products with which there are no problems either at the sales stage, at the investment stage or at the stage of use.

We are open to cooperation with new business partners,

with whom we are ready to implement innovative, even unusual projects. If you are interested in cooperation, please fill out the form:

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Why LED line?
Because we are an ambitious, dynamic company that is gaining recognition both on the Polish market and internationally. We are a team of experts who create partnership-based business relationships based on trust. We operate based on the win-win principle, and our efficiency-based approach ensures a higher level of profit.


Our offer is addressed to both large purchasing groups as well as small shops specializing in the sale of lighting products.



We work with respected installation companies operating throughout Poland. Our specialists train employees in the field of industrial and commercial lighting installation.



LED line® is one of the few lighting companies in Poland with such an extensive and modern technological base that allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of advanced investments.


Architects and designers

We perfectly understand that when creating a project, you need a trusted partner ready to cooperate at every stage. Collaboration with architects and designers is an important…