DOWNLIGHT CALMOS – we’ve combined the beauty of design with high lighting performance

Subtle elegance meets performance

Choosing CALMOS fixtures ensures that you will receive a complete set of benefits that will improve the quality of lighting in your home or workplace. It’s an investment that provides not only excellent light, but also peace of mind knowing that your lighting is durable and energy-effcient.

The fixtures are available in power variants of 18W and 24W -both versions are available in a neutral color temperature of 4000K, making them the perfect choice for both residential and recreational or offce spaces.

Lighting effciency:

CALMOS fixtures have a luminous effcacy of 116 lm/W, which means outstanding illumination with minimal energy consumption, leading to savings on electricity bills.

Versatility, aesthetics, and design

CALMOS fixtures are not just a light source, but also a decorative element. Their subtle aesthetics allow the lighting to be adapted to the character of any room, making them the ideal choice for representative or communal spaces such as reception areas, waiting rooms, and corridors.

IP44 sealing level

The fixtures are resistant to moisture and splashes, making them the perfect solution for bathrooms, kitchens, or other places where conditions are demanding.

Effective space utilization

CALMOS fixtures are recessed in the ceiling, making them ideal for minimalist interiors – they brilliantly illuminate a room while not taking up much space. It’s an excellent solution for those who value space and elegance.

High quality and longevity

The fixtures not only provide excellent lighting but are also long-lasting. YELLOW FREE shades made of polycarbonate do not yellow and look new throughout their lifespan. The life of the fixture marked as L50B70 essentially means that after a specified operating time, at least 50% of the diodes in the fixture will still shine with a brightness of at least 70% of their initial value. That’s why the fixtures come with a 5-year warranty, providing confidence that the investment in CALMOS lighting is backed by strong manufacturer support and speaks to the trust in the durability and reliability of the offered fixtures.

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Why LED line?
Because we are an ambitious, dynamic company that is gaining recognition both on the Polish market and internationally. We are a team of experts who create partnership-based business relationships based on trust. We operate based on the win-win principle, and our efficiency-based approach ensures a higher level of profit.


Our offer is addressed to both large purchasing groups as well as small shops specializing in the sale of lighting products.



LED line is one of the few lighting companies in Poland with such an extensive and modern technological base that allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of advanced investments.



We work with respected installation companies operating throughout Poland. Our specialists train employees in the field of industrial and commercial lighting installation.