Manufacturer issues a 5-year warranty for this product.

Microwave motion sensor is dedicated to perform control over HIGHBAY luminaires.

1. With a 3-stage dimming function: 100% -> dimming -> switching off.

2. The product can be installed at a maximum height of 15 metres, suitable for use in high-bay halls and factories.

3. The sensor has a high degree of IP protection:- IP65.

4. Automatic dimming in combination with an additional daylight/dusk sensor.

5. Built-in adjustable daylight/dusk sensor.

The sensor can be mounted either directly on the luminaire or anywhere in the building to control multiple luminaires simultaneously.

120-277V AC
180° / 360° ≤8m
-35 ~ 70

Technical parameters

Warranty (years)5
Maximum load rating800W
Hold time 100%5s / 30s / 1min / 3min / 20min / 30min Show more information

Product variants

SymbolMaximum load rating