FLICKER FREE™ system guarantees no harmful flickering effect and ensures safety for users' eyesight. This product has been contrued with the use of high quality LIFUD branded driver. Yellow free technology means that the housing of this product is made of high quality material which is resistant to yellowing degeneration caused by UV radiation, thanks to which the product maintains its easthetic appearance for many years. Manufacturer issues a 3-year warranty for this product. Reliable photometric files are available based on photometric tests performed at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre.

This product’s power is 40 W and its light’s colour temperature is 4000K K. This item is equipped with diodes of the following type: SMD2835. This item achieves luminous efficacy of 80lm/W lm/W. This item achieves a luminous flux of 3200lm lm. The LED's beam angle is 120 °.

The supply voltage range suitable for this item is 175-250 AC.

The ingress protection rating for this item is IP20.

The item's high resistance to mechanical damage is guaranteed by the use of dedicated material which the diffuser/cover is made of - polycarbonate

The Ra colour rendering index is 80.

The lifespan of each single diode which this item is equipped with is over 30000. The power factor is PF> 0,9. The number of on/off cycles is 50000.

The Energy class is A++.

The IEC protection class is: II.

175-250 AC

Technical parameters

Colour temperature4000KK
Colour of the lightWhite
Luminous efficacy80lm/Wlm/W
Ra colour rendering index80 Show more information

Product variants

SymbolColour temperatureLuminous fluxWattageLuminous efficacySupply voltage range and voltage typeBeam angle
2491814000KK3200lmlm40W80lm/Wlm/W175-250 AC120°