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Using LED line® WIDEBEAM strip, featured by a wide beam angle of 160°, the user will achieve even and consistant illumination with only 6 cm distance between LED and illuminated surface. Manufacturer issues a 3-year warranty for this product. The colour temperature range of the product falls within 3 steps of MacAdam formula, which ensures high consistency of the produced light. Reliable photometric files are available based on photometric tests performed at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre.

LED strip designed for specialist lighting applications. This item comes with a colour temperature of 6000-7000K   This LED strip is supplied in rolls of 5. This item is equipped with diodes of the following type: SMD6060. With current consumption of 1,5 it achieves a luminous efficacy of 70lm/W whilst maintaining the power consumption of 18 per metre. The luminous flux provided by 1m section of the LED strip is 1260lm. This LED strip is powered by constant voltage of 12 DC. The LED's beam angle is 160. LED quantity per 1m section of LED strip is 14. The amout of copper (expressed in ounces) used for this item's PCB is: 2.

The compatible dimmer type: PWM. The ingress protection rating for this item is IP20. The Ra colour rendering index is 80. This product can be easily fitted to any surface. The cutting section is 7. Type of adhesive tape - 3M 300 LSE guarantees easy and the strongest adhesion to the substrate. The lifespan of each single diode which this item is equipped with is over 30000. The Energy class is A. Ambient temperature suitable for operation -20°C/+45°C.  For indoor use

12 DC
3M 300 LSE

Technical parameters

Colour temperature6000-7000K
Colour of the lightwhite
Luminous flux (1m)1260lm
Wattage (1m)18W Show more information

Product variants

SymbolColour temperatureColour of the lightRa colour rendering indexMetres per rollSupply voltage range and voltage typeLaminate (colour)
2440566000-7000Kwhite80512 DCWeiß