Product designed for quick installation. The product uses materials and structural solutions that increase its impact resistance. The product is featured by high resistance to mechanical damage and vandalism. This product is featured by a high degree of IP protection, which makes it suitable for a broader range of lighting applications and offers high safety of use. Yellow free technology means that the housing of this product is made of high quality material which is resistant to yellowing degeneration caused by UV radiation, thanks to which the product maintains its easthetic appearance for many years. Manufacturer issues a 5-year warranty for this product. Reliable photometric files are available based on photometric tests performed at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre.

LED line® LUNAR ceiling light is the ideal solution for lighting passageways and staircases in offices, hotels, schools, multi-family buildings, as well as in various types of warehouse or private buildings, where we need motion detector luminaires not to look for a switch, but to automatically light up the path or entrance.

A perfect place to install this luminaire is a restroom in public places and entrances to various apartments or staircases. An additional advantage, which confirms the legitimacy of using a luminaire in restrooms, is the guarantee of maintaining IP65 waterproofness for the whole luminaire, i.e. it can be used in conditions of increased humidity.

A feature that is extremely important is easy and quick assembly and disassembly. It is worth paying attention to it, because we screw only the mounting bracket to the wall or a ceiling. Wires are connected with the use of quick connectors, subsequently we simply click-in the plafond to the bracket. For disassembly there are two buttons which unlock the bracket.

220-240V AC
`-40 ÷ 45

Technical parameters