These floodlights are characterised by high luminous efficacy at the level of 140 lm/W. This means that they provide a large amount of light, with the relatively low consumption of electricity. This lowers operating costs and reduces the negative environmental impact.

High power and brightness of floodlights allows for even lighting of large areas with intense light.

IP66 protection class and high resistance to difficult external conditions enable their operation both inside and outside premises, without requiring additional servicing or maintenance.

floodlights are available in several power options:

  • 30 W
  • 50 W
  • 100 W
  • 150W
  • 200 W
  • 400 W
  • 600 W

The size of the floodlight housing varies depending on the selected power option.

Several options of light beam angles are also available:

  • 120 degrees – standard beam angle
  • 90 degrees – less diffused light than in case of the standard beam angle, but still quite broad
  • 60 degrees – narrow beam angle
  • 30 degrees – spot lighting
  • T2 and T3 – asymmetric lenses.

The application of appropriate lenses depending on the desired final effect allows to adjust the direction and distribution of light, which entails many benefits, such as:

  • precise light control;
  • optimised use of light;
  • flexibility and versatility of use;
  • reduction of reflections and shadows;
  • increased efficiency of lighting.

Main features of floodlights:

  • High energy efficiency - they are characterised by high energy efficiency, consume much less energy than traditional light sources.
  • Longer lifespan - they are equipped with durable components such as LEDs that have a very long service life
  • High quality lighting - quality of lighting characterised by even light diffusion and low levels of reflections.
  • Possibility to adjust light beam angles - thanks to this, it is possible to adjust lighting to specific needs, ensuring optimal conditions in various situations
  • Environmental protection - thanks to the lower consumption of energy and a longer service life, floodlights contribute to reducing CO2 emissions and relieving the burden on the environment. They are more ecological than traditional light sources, thus supporting sustainability and ecological responsibility.

The 5-year guarantee for the floodlight series simply proves that these products are designed to work in adverse weather conditions. They guarantee high quality and durability while reducing operating costs. The fixtures are equipped with a 93 cm long rubber cable H05RN-F 3x1mm2.

Technical parameters

Parameter Value
Colour of the light White
Energy efficiency class 2019/2015 D
Colour consistency in McAdam ellipses ≤6
IP protection rating 66
Warranty (years) 5
Dimmable function No
Mounting type surface
Frequency of the supply voltage 50/60Hz
Colour rendering index Ra 70
Material (cover) tempered glass
Material (housing) aluminum
Power Factor 0,9
Number of on/off cycles 50000
IEC protection class I
IK protection rating 08
Lamp's warm-up time to 60% 1
Angle for useful luminous flux (EPREL) Sphere 360 degrees
Is the product equipped with an integrated light source? (EPREL) Yes
Non-directional or directional light source (EPREL) NDLS
Is this product a light source? (EPREL) No
Mains or non- mains light source (EPREL) MLS
Connected light source (EPREL) No
Colour-tuneable light source (EPREL) No
GPC classification 10005639 - Lighting - permanently mounted
Status Active (on sale)
GS1 unit szt

Return on investment time 3 years

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