LED line® RANGER is a versatile LED luminaire whose functionality was designed at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Center. The luminaire stands out with the ability for autonomous power and brightness control. The fixture will adjust its brightness to the surroundings, allowing the user to save electrical energy, and individuals in the vicinity of the light emitted from the fixture will enjoy a comfortable brightness level.

The sun has always been used by humanity as a source of light. All organisms have evolved in natural light, so human biology is closely connected to solar energy. Light is not only used for perceiving objects, i.e., vision, but also for biological functions known as the circadian rhythm.

The use of daylight in room lighting, systematically connected with LED fixtures, represents an innovative approach to room illumination called DAYLIGHT HARVESTING.

The INNOVATIVE artificial lighting system based on the LED line® RANGER fixture uses daylight to illuminate workspaces. This is achieved through lighting control techniques that can adjust the brightness of LED fixtures in response to changing amounts of daylight entering the room.

The use of daylight for workspace lighting brings significant savings by reducing electricity consumption. In commercial buildings, these savings can be as much as 35 percent.


The RANGER fixture adjusts power, brightness, and color temperature using a dedicated sensor, creating human-friendly lighting. It is designed for office spaces, corridors, and warehouses.

The fixture features a branded constant-current power supply from MEAN WELL LDC-50, ensuring durability and a long lifespan.

The shade is made of polycarbonate.

Optical fixture tests conducted at the Light Research and Measurement Center allowed the construction of a shade that achieved light transmittance of over 90%. Combined with efficient LED diodes, it achieves high luminous efficacy of 140lm/W. The shade is designed to limit glare to UGR<25. Polycarbonate is UV-resistant, preventing undesirable yellowing, and highly durable against mechanical damage such as impacts - IK08.

Anti-drop design - the fixture is designed with user safety and ease of installation in mind. It is equipped with handles to prevent the shade from detaching from the housing and dropping during installation, making it easier to adjust the fixture after mounting and to connect fixtures linearly. Linkable - the fixture can be installed linearly without specialized tools using quick connectors, making installation fast, comfortable, and enjoyable. IP66 protection - stands out among many waterproof products, maintaining its properties even when connected linearly. PF>0.92 - allowing for a more efficient use of electrical energy from the grid, minimizing reactive power loss. Durability of 100,000 hours according to the L70B50 indicator - this means that after 100,000 hours of operation, 50% of all diodes in the fixture will emit light with a luminous flux not less than 70% of the initial value. This ensures years of reliable use. The product comes with a 5-year warranty.

200-240V AC
`-20 ÷ 45

Technical parameters