Light is an integral part of each space. We perfectly understand that when creating a project, you need a trusted partner ready to cooperate at every stage. Cooperation with architects and designers is an important element of our business. We are specialists in lighting.

We provide a light source which, in conjunction with good design and attractive architectural visualization guarantee customer satisfaction. We deliver not only unique LED luminaires, LED strips, LED ceiling lights, LED linear lighting, LED industrial lamps, LED panels, but also knowledge about their use. We know how to choose the right technical parameters and proper lighting parameters.

As a manufacturer of LED lighting, we have gained a lot of experience, which allows us to offer professional support for designers and architects at every stage of their work.

We provide DIALux and RELUX files

Professionalization of products is a natural direction of our development. In 2018, we created the LED Line® Research and Measurement Center, a place where we not only test products for quality, but also create files and photometric bodies serving as support in the lighting design process.

For all lighting products from our offer, we provide current and reliable photometric * .ies and * .ldt files prepared in our own laboratory and ready to import in DIALux and RELUX software. Libraries with photometric files are available on the website of each product in the "DOWNLOADS" section. We are also open to cooperation with non-standard projects. If our standard libraries prove to be insufficient, and the project requires the inclusion of an unusual photometric solid, we will definitely try to help.

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