LED line® is an international LED lighting brand cooperating with distributors and sales points in 25 countries around the world. We are a manufacturer and provider of proven high quality lighting products offer addressed both to the buying groups and small specialty shops. We invite distributors, electrical and electrotechnical wholesalers, lighting wholesalers, lighting showrooms, lighting stores, electrical stores and other sales outlets.

By joining our customer group, you get a number of benefits:
  • You will enlarge your offer with specialized products that you will not find in DIY and electromarkets. We believe that the unique product should be sold in the same way, and the customer who is looking for such a product should receive professional advice and comprehensive information about the product from trained personnel.
  • You will get access to a tested product offer. The LED line® catalog contains carefully selected and tested products from various assortment groups, which guarantees comprehensive supply in the category of LED lighting. Currently, we offer 505 products in 6 product categories: industrial lights, LED strips, LED lights, LED panels, fixtures, LED modules. Taking care of the best results, we constantly monitor the market and introduce new products that keep our offer at a consistently high level.
  • You will gain a solid partner. We care about long-term cooperation with our business partners, and we base our cooperation primarily on the principle of partnership. That is why our main principles in cooperation are punctuality, honesty and efficient communication. We take this very seriously.
  • Cooperation with LED line® will give you a guarantee of satisfied and returning customers. The quality of the product is the most frequently indicated criterion in the process of selecting LED lighting1, therefore all our products are subjected to extremely demanding quality tests at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre.
  • You will offer quality products that you are sure of. The condition for the admission to sale of each batch of products is a positive result of quality control test, which is carried out extremely scrupulously in our own laboratory. As a result, we are sure that every product that goes to the customers' hands meets the requirements for safety and durability, it complies with the technical specification and the currently applicable EU directives and standards to which the luminaires and light sources are subject.
  • You will use our knowledge and laboratory facilities. We know how important are the competences and training of the sales team to effectively sell, that's why we share our knowledge with our partners. Our specialized staff, many years of experience and the available photometric laboratory guarantee a high level of substantive training. For our partners they are free and completed with obtaining a personal certificate.
  • You will receive advice and technical support. If necessary, we engage in the preparation of lighting projects for end customers, we help in the selection of the best solution and we provide advice at the installation stage.
  • We guarantee high availability of goods and fast delivery. Over 95% of products from our offer are ready for shipment in our warehouse on the day of placing the order.
  • We will provide full marketing support. We provide catalogs and advertising materials in printed and electronic versions. We take care of an attractive display of LED line® products in stationary and online locations. We support our partners by taking part in promotional campaigns prepared by them.
  • We will integrate our systems. We will provide XML and CSV integration files by creating an automated process of adding and updating products in our partners' databases. Thanks to this solution, adding and updating the LED line® product database is quick and convenient, and facilitates updating inventory and catalog prices of goods.

1 - McKinsey & Company, Lighting the way: Perspectives on the global lighting market, Decision criteria for fixture installation in new buildings/structures