Cutting-edge Lighting for Investments in LED line®

LED line® is one of only a few companies in Polish lighting industry with such an elaborate and cutting-edge technological base, which allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of sophisticated investments. In 2018, we established LED line® Centre for Light Research and Measurement, in which our R&D department implements new products and aligns their parameters with LED line® quality standards.

We strive for constant expansion of our product offer, as well as professional lighting systems design services for investments. Our team of experts provide comprehensive support in consulting, lighting systems design, and the choice of suitable pricing, which will be the most profitable for a given investment.

In Which Investments We Assist Our Partners?


In our portfolio you can find comprehensive lighting projects for modern offices, service units, as well as industrial facilities. We are happy to advise our partners on lighting arrangement in a given unit, creating remarkably aesthetic, functional and ergonomic spaces.


We have worked with investors and developers for many years, as well as architects and designers, and we have had suggested them the best lighting solutions for each hotel facility. Together we provide lighting for modern hotel spaces, and equip suites, restaurants and meeting rooms with light sources. We are eager to help with selection of furniture and decorative lighting. All light sources from LED line® have the necessary certifications, which allow them to be used in hotel spaces.


We know well how important good lighting is to any eating house. We offer a broad choice of high-quality lighting products, which will illuminate the interiors, and create cosy, inimitable ambiance. Our experts provide investors and developers with necessary guidance on the choice of lighting, and answer all restaurant electrical installation questions.

Benefits of Working with LED line®

• Reliable Service and Timely Delivery 

To ensure customer satisfaction with our products and services, LED line® guarantees reliable and timely delivery every time. Importantly, orders placed through the B2B platform until 1 pm get shipped on the same day. This way over 95% of our portfolio is ready for shipment within the day of the order.

• Access to the full Database of Products

Our customers can utilise our database of meticulously selected lighting products, which were built for installation in all types of investments. Among over 500 products available in our offer, you can find:

•  LED industrial lighting fittings,,
•  LED strips,
•  LED light sources,
•  LED panels,
•  ceiling lighting fittings,
•  LED modules.

Moreover, we constantly expand our offer with new items to suit our clients’ growing needs. It is worth mentioning that the investors and developers who work with us, can be sure to get our support during the development of lighting solutions tailor-made to the client’s wishes. All of this is meant to relieve investors of lighting issues as much as possible. 

• Access to the BIMobject Platform

LED line® is an active user of BIMobject platform, made for data sharing in a BIM cloud, mainly with architects, interior designers and investors. Our lighting products can be utilised in your projects, which is greatly beneficial during the development stage of investment spaces.

• Cutting-edge Technological Base

We have our own laboratory, where we conduct advanced studies related to the assessment of LED line® lighting’s quality and technical parameters. Thanks to elaborate manufacturing processes we can build products that fulfil all our client’s needs, and make sure that they are functional and safe to use.

At LED line® Centre for Light Research and Measurement we also create files and photometric solids, which are essential during the lighting design process for the investment. All products shown in our offer have up-to-date *.ies and *.ldt photometric files ready to import into DIALux and RELUX software — available for download in the “Downloads” section. In cases of unusual architectural projects, we create custom photometric solids for our customers.


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