Why is it worth joining the group of the LED line® partners?

B2B cooperation with the installation companies

We are a manufacturer of the high-quality LED lighting, which is gaining recognition among the professionals both in Poland and internationally. Due to the dynamic development of our brand, we are still looking for the new business partners interested in a commercial cooperation with our distribution networks. All questions regarding the cooperation are forwarded to our distributors, who are happy to clarify the terms of cooperation. 

Who are we working with?

Our offer is directed, among others to the assembly and installation companies that have been readily using the LED line® lighting in their projects for years. We cordially invite all those who run their own business, want to learn more about the world of innovative LED lighting, and support us in the distribution of the highest quality products.

We invite to the cooperation:

•    installers and electricians,
•    experienced and reliable contractors,
•    carpenters and stairs contractors,
•    construction companies dealing with finishing works.

• Access to the highest quality products

At LED line®, we care not only about the quality of our products, but also about the customer satisfaction. Our lighting is based on the components from well-known and respected suppliers, including CREE, OSRAM, SAMSUNG, MEAN WELL, LUMILEDS. The parameters of the individual elements are tested in our LED Line® Light Research and Measurement Centre, and before leaving the warehouse, each batch of products is subject to strict quality control. What distinguishes our products is the long warranty period.

• Guarantee of safety

Our products are safe for the user and meet all formal and legal requirements that must be met by lighting — also in terms of packaging safety. LED line® light sources are free from the substances harmful to health, such as mercury or lead. Each of the products has been carefully tested in terms of operating temperature and user ergonomics. The products have numerous safety certificates, including PZH (National Institute of Hygiene) approval.

• Participation in prestigious trainings

Our partners take part in cyclical product and technical training in the field of installation of the industrial lighting fittings and automation systems, as well as the benefits of choosing the LED technology. Trainings are conducted by our qualified staff in a modern, fully equipped laboratory with a training base for the installers.

• Permanent contact with the partners

Our sales partners can count on our help and telephone support during the installation work. Our latest catalogues (in both paper and electronic versions), as well as all the promotional materials and integration files are available to them. Importantly, over 95% of the products on offer are available “off-the-shelf” from our central warehouse in Ostrołęka, north-eastern Poland. We guarantee the shortest possible delivery time to the customer, often with the same-day dispatch.

• Cooperation with a valued, international brand

LED line® products have been selling in 25 countries around the world. Since 2014 we have participated in the International Light Fair in Warsaw and since 2018 we have had the honour of being an exhibitor at the largest fair for lighting, electronics and home and building automation LIGHT+BUILDING in Frankfurt am Main. Our products have been awarding for their unique design and innovation, as evidenced by, among others Innovators WPROST 2015 award, Customer Laurel 2012 and 2013, Award of the Minister of the Environment in the “Product in circulation” 2018 competition and the Silesia EXPO 2018 Fair Award.

• Access to DIALux and RELUX photometric files

In our LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre we not only conduct lighting quality tests, but also create photometric files and solids that we share with our partners. By using the LED line® offer, you receive the latest *.ies and *.ldt photometric files, which can be imported into DIALux and RELUX. The library with all available files can be found on the product page in the “downloads” section, which makes it easier to work with a specific type of lighting and adjust it to a given project. If necessary, we provide support in creating unusual photometric solids for the personalized projects.

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