Milestones in our activity


We are transforming the online store into a B2B platform in order to increase the shopping comfort among our wholesale partners.
- We are the first in Poland to introduce into the market LED solutions based on GRAPHENE technology.
- For the first time we are taking part in Light+Building fair in Frankfurt in the capacity of an Exhibitor.
- All necessary preparations and arrangements are made in connection with our intended offices/warehouse relocation. The premises which we intend to move into are located on the area of 3500 m2. We intend to move into the building of 1600 m2 - the new headquarters will consist of a photometric laboratory of 140 m2 with an EMC measurement stand, showroom, service and production rooms, office space and storage rooms.


Our project "Professionalisation and improvement of the quality of LED line® products by ensuring constant control of photometric and electro-magnetic parameters in our own research laboratory" receives a subsidy from the European Union within the framework of the RPO WM 2014-2020.
- We are the first in Poland to introduce to our offer LED solutions based on CSP (chip scale package) technology. 
- Low thermal resistance and the possibility of placing the diode directly on the ceramic casing enables the diode to work with higher electric current, which guarantees high lighting parameters and long-term failure-free operation.


We are the first to use four chips (all being enterily independent of each other) in one SMD diode. On the basis of this solution, we are introducing an elastic RGB+W strip which, with the use of dedicated LED controllers, gives you the possibility of choosing any colour of light from the RGB pallette + a very intensive white colour with high lighting  parameters.


This years brings many innovative solutions:
- We are the first in Poland to offer lighting solutions based on FILAMENT diodes;
- In view of sustainable business growth, we are opening an EXPORT department, establishing first foreign relationships and concluding first foreign contracts;
- For the first time we are taking part in the  internaitonal light fair "ŚWIATŁO" in Warsaw.


We introduce our LED line® MULTIWHITE™ strip with a uniuque diode construction solution, patented in the EU. The solution allows for a wide adjustment of colour temperature between 3200-7000K with the use of LED controllers.


In January, first products with LED line® logo are offered for sale. We are the first in Poland to introduce flexible 150 and 600 LED strips with 3528 LEDs as a source of light which, today, has become a fundamental standard on the market. Also, first models of GU10 lamps are added to our product portfolio.

We aspire to create human-friendly sources of light.

Development, Innovation, Reliability 

By working with the best business partners we strive to deliver excellence and the greatest value to achieve client’s highest satisfaction. The highest quality standard is a priority for us. Our mission is: “to develop and deliver the highest quality light sources in accordance with European standards”.