20% DIM Stand-by function in luminaires equipped with a motion detector

Modern lighting devices used in utility rooms or sanitary facilities use microwave technology to switch on luminaires only when motion is detected. However, simply activating the devices is no longer sufficient. 

Following not only the need to save electricity, but also the comfort of users, a new LED line® LUNARceiling light (MV) has been introduced, which, using a microwave motion sensor, allows for precise lamp operation settings to ensure comfort of use.

Thanks to the "20% DIM Stand by" function, the functionality of the luminaire has been increased. The lamp, after a standard operation time of 100% of the total light output, smoothly switches to the standby mode. This mode causes dimming of the light down to 20% and thus reducing electricity consumption to 20%. The “20% DIM stand-by” function remains active all the time, and the light remains dimmed until it is completely switched off or lighted up again to 100% power when motion is detected. The time of this mode can be freely set between 0s and infinity. Thanks to this function, when you return to the room again, you will not be dazzled by a sudden flash of light, but also when you leave the room and are not in the area of the motion detector, the light will not turn off suddenly, leaving a gentle twilight and reducing energy consumption.

A great advantage of this solution is the smooth operation of the lamp. Each change of intensity level is done slowly improving the user's comfort. This is a very useful function in public restrooms or staircases - when we stop for a moment, the light will not go out completely, yet will be smoothly dimmed, which will help us to complete the necessary activities or freely wait for the door to open without waving our hands in the direction of the sensor, which often happens with poorly positioned lamps. In this example, you can clearly see that the "20% DIM stand-by" function is extremely necessary.

The graph below shows the difference in 100% active light level and whilst in "20% Dim stand-by" mode and power consumption, as well as the smoothness of light transition.


Norbert Chrzanowski

Head of Technical Team at LED line®