Choose your prize in exchange for the purchase of LED line® strip lights from 1 July 2020 to 30 September 2020.

For the purchase of 1 km of LED line® strip lights, you will be entitled to receive prize no. 3 -

  • Xblitz X300 PRO Handsfree FM Transmitter or keep playing.

    Xblitz X300 Professional is a hands-free set with an FM transmitter that will fit perfectly inside any vehicle. Make and answer phone calls while driving, without taking your hands off the steering wheel. Stay on the phone while ensuring your and your passengers' safety. Play your own music through the car stereo. 

    EFFECTIVE DESIGN The Xblitz X300 PRO hands-free set with FM transmitter has been designed with attention to every detail. In the small device, it was possible to place as many as 3 USB ports, an AUX port, and a microSD card slot. This hands-free speakerphone with FM transmitter is bursting with the latest technology. 

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    FM TRANSMITTER The Xblitz X300 PRO hands-free kit is equipped with an FM transmitter. Thanks to bluetooth technology, you can connect to the device and use it to send music directly to the car radio, as well as to make phone calls with it. The media with music can also be connected with a USB connector or a microSD card up to 32GB. 

    FAST CHARGING Xblitz X300 PRO supports QuickCharge 3.0 technology. Thanks to this solution - you are able to charge your device up to 4 times faster than with the traditional charging method. Tests carried out by Qualcomm show that it only takes 30 minutes to charge a 2750 mAhod 0 battery to over 70%! Note: The condition for fast charging to work is to have a device and a cable that supports this technology. 

    MULTIFUNCTIONAL USB SOCKET - Connect a USB flash drive or multimedia player and enjoy the music.  

    DISPLAY - The simple form of the display is easy to read and does not distract the driver. 
    12 / 24V POWER SUPPLY - A wide range of supply voltages allows for use in both passenger cars and trucks. 

    MICROSD CARD SLOT - Listen to your favorite music directly from the memory card. The device supports cards up to 32 GB of capacity. 
    EASY-USB - Reversible USB socket makes it easy to connect the power cable. 
    VOLTAGE STATUS - During charging, the display monitors the current voltage in the cigarette lighter socket. 

    BLUETOOTH 4.2 - Connect the device to your phone without unnecessary wires. 

    WIDE RANGE OF TECHNOLOGY The Xblitz X300 Professional hands-free kit with FM transmitter supports the 76 - 108 MHz frequency range, so you can be sure that you will always find a frequency that will allow you to connect the device with your radio. 

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    Bluetooth version: 4.2 
    Working frequency: 76.0 Mhz - 108.0 Mhz 
    Range: up to 10 meters  

    Ports: 3x USB, 1x AUX output, memory card slot (up to 32GB) 
    Supported formats: Mp3, APE, FLAC, WAV, 
    WMA Microphone: Built-in / HD 
    Charging: QC 3.0, 5V-2.4A, 5V 1A ports 
    Power supply: DC 12V-24V 
    FM transmission: 76 - 108 MHz (range up to 5m) 
    Weight: 48g 
    Dimensions: 96mm x 47mm x 35mm 
    The device supports the FAT32 file format. 
    It is recommended to format the memory cards used in the device to this format. 

For the purchase of 2 km of LED line® strip lights, you will  be entitled to receive prize no. 2 -

  • Xblitz S5 DUO car camera - reversing camera or keep playing

    FULL HD QUALITY Enjoy your high-quality Full HD videos! The Xblitz S5 Duo car camera records in 1920 x 1080 pixels, allowing you to capture more important details such as license plates of other vehicles. 
    PARKING TRANSPARENCY "Duo" means double, therefore the Xblitz S5 Duo car camera comes with a second camera. It is a rear view camera that can be mounted inside and outside the vehicle. It serves as a rear view camera - when you put in reverse gear, the image from it will automatically be displayed on the video recorder screen. 

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    SEE MORE Thanks to the wide viewing angle of 120 degrees, the Xblitz S5 Duo car camera not only sees traffic incidents from your lane, but also what is happening on the opposite side of the street. No detail escapes this camera. 
    CONVENIENT INSTALLATION No more complicated car camera installation! Xblitz S5 Duo has an active mount that attaches to the windshield of the vehicle using an adhesive material. The camera can be mounted in the holder easily and intuitively - one hand is enough. 

    MOTION DETECTION The Xblitz S5 Duo car camera is equipped with active motion detection. The dash cam will start a short audio-video recording each time it detects movement in front of the car. This function allows you to determine if someone was approaching your car while you were away. 
    G-SENSOR The G-sensor function of the Xblitz S5 Duo car camera is responsible for securing key data in the event of a collision or sudden braking. The camera will automatically prevent video files from the next time interval from being deleted. They will not be overwritten when recording continues 

    LOOP RECORDING The Xblitz S5 Duo data carriers are microSD memory cards. Thanks to the "Loop-Recording" function, you do not have to worry about the lack of space and continuous deletion of archived files. The recorder records the image in a continuous mode (loop recording) and when there is no space on the memory card, new files overwrite the oldest recordings. 
    PARKING MODE Parking mode is a function that keeps your car safe, even when you are away from it. If it detects a shock caused by, for example, a parking bump, the Xblitz S5 Duo car camera will start recording a short video to capture the perpetrator of the car bump on film. 

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    Processor: JL5401 
    Recording Resolution: Front: Full HD 1920x1080, Rear: 640x480 
    Sensor: Front: GC2053 
    Lens: 4G 
    Viewing angle: 120 degrees 
    Size: 82x61x29 mm 
    Weight: 105g 
    Display: 2.45 inch 
    Memory: Micro SD cards up to 32GB class 10 
    Recording format: MOV 
    Power supply: 5V 
    USB: Micro USB (Alternate Power Source) 
    Microphone / Speaker: Built-in 
    Battery: Yes. Built-in rechargeable battery 
    Active Handle: Yes 
    G-sensor: Yes 
    Parking Mode: Yes 
    Loop recording: Yes 
    Motion Detection: Yes 
    Wide viewing angle: Yes 
    HDR: Yes 
    Kit contents: Camera, Rear view camera, MicroSD memory card reader, Charger, Active grip, USB cable, AV cable (for rear camera), Manual 

For the purchase of 3 km of LED line® strip lights, you will be entitled to receive prize no. 1 -

  • Yanosik GTR NEW MODEL with fixed speed cameras for entire EUROPE and keep playing.

The new Yanosik has additional features: 
EcoDriving - it will show us if our leg is too heavy and if we should not go more calmly for the sake of the wallet. 
Parking Zones - from now on you will know if you are in the Paid Parking Zone, at what times the fees are charged and at what amount. The new update brings notifications about fixed speed cameras in Europe. This is an absolute novelty, available in certified devices.  

Speed limits - now you know how fast you should go in order not to be exposed to a high fine. Daily route summary - all information from the whole day in one place. 
New motorcycle mode - which warns even better against dangers on the road. 
The device connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the car will turn itself off after parking and will turn itself on when you start driving. 

Automatic updates are performed in the background - it's a device that, once connected, just works. It reminds of it’s existence when approaching a dangerous place, patrol, segment speed measurement. Ergonomic, backlit and large buttons allow you to effortlessly operate the Yanosik GTR. We are able to quickly report speed control, ITD control, unmarked patrol, accident or other incident. 
The next two separate buttons allow you to confirm or cancel your application. 3 function buttons under the screen have been added to change the volume or brightness of the screen. 

Yanosik GTR is powered from the cigarette lighter socket - the power cable is also included. Thanks to the built-in GPS, the device detects a longer lack of movement and automatically turns off. Similarly, after detecting movement, Yanosik starts working. The built-in battery is used to maintain power of the device during replugging. 

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