Choose proven quality and reliability

The new 40W LED line® panel is a luminaire equipped with the highest quality SAMSUNG® LEDs, which generates a luminous flux of 4400lm and providing an efficacy at minimum level of 110lm/W.

LIFUD® brand power supply used in the luminaire guarantees stable operation, durability and reliability, thanks to which it will meet the requirements of every investment. The high quality of LED line® panel is confirmed by a 5-year product warranty.

The diffuser made of PMMA material ensures even light dispersion and prevents the luminaire from yellowing as the time passes by, maintaining its aesthetic appearance for years. The FLICKER FREE ™ system guarantees lack of harmful effect of flickering light and safeness of users eyesight.

Variant with the dimming function of the luminaire (0-10V) allows you to create lighting based on the "Daylight Harvesting" standard, i.e. a daylight system that fits into the HCL (Human Centric Lighting) concept. Thanks to these functionalities, electricity savings will reach the highest level. LINK

LED line® 40W panels are dedicated to offices, schools, public buildings and conference rooms.
Luminaires are available in two versions:

- non-dimmable: code 471239
- dimmable 0-10V: code 471246