The LED line® power supply units we offer are designed for use in complex installations based on LED strips.

LED line® Multipower power supply units are high quality products that allow you to control several LED strips or light sources with one device.

The idea behind the PSUs is to control simultaneously or separately individual lighting sections or LED light sources, depending on user preference.

Thanks to dedicated sensors that work with the PSU, you can switch the light on, off, dim, control it with movement or touch. Each function of the individual sensors affects the way the power supply unit performs the light action.


Why are the LED line® MULTIPOWER power supply units worth choosing?

  • they are very slim, which enables them to be installed even in places that are difficult to access and to be easily hidden during installation
  • installation of the PSU is extremely easy thanks to the integrated Plug&Play system
  • the PSUs do not require additional wiring
  • they offers a wide range of possibilities - control of each PSU’s channel individually or collectively the whole PSU and all its circuits simultaneously via a single selected sensor
  • they are protected against short-circuit, overload and overvoltage
  • they are quality-certified: CE , LVD EN62368-1, EMC EN55032, RoHS, CCC
  • they have 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Additionally, our offer has been extended with products compatible with MULTIPOWER power supply units:

- sensors in our OFFER

- as well as ACCESSORIES


Before being included in our offer, all products undergo quality tests in our own LED line® Research and Light Measurement Centre. This ensures that the products that are delivered to our customers will work long and efficiently, are safe and comply with the applicable directives and standards.

If you are interested in MULTIPOWER power supply units, do not hesitate to contact our experts -