LED strip that fits in with the HCL concept that has human needs at the center of design.

Supporting the human circadian rhythm
- imitating natural light
- ensuring comfort and well-being

Regulating color temperature and light intensity indoors
- allows flexible selection of light colour without having to replace or have several strips.
- The colour temperature of the #DimToWarm LED line® strip changes with the brightness adjustment. The use of a 1-channel PWM dimmer allows for a smooth change of colour temperature in the range from 6500K (at 100% brightness) to 1600K.

Designed for professional applications
- 24V DC strip supply, effectively reduces the occurrence of voltage drop over long sections of the tape

Perfect for use in projects.
Recommended for hotels, offices, conference rooms, restaurants, cafes and for residential interiors. 

It leaves the user to choose the nature of interior lighting:
- cool, dynamic and stimulating light ideal for morning work or during other activities
- warm, moody light, recommended for rest and relaxation, ideal for calmness