LED line® ultra-slim modules are designed for demanding customers and will fit into standard ceiling (downlight) fixtures designed for standard 50mm spots.They can be plugged directly into 230V and do not require any additional accessories.

The ceramic construction provides adequate cooling and increases the lifespan of the light source. Universal 110° light angle disperses light evenly through the transparent glass diffuser.

The modules are dimmable with TRIAC dimmers.

You can choose between three colour temperatures of 2700K, 4000K and 6500K.

The modules are ideal for the illumination of hotels, banquet halls, offices and apartments. They are recommended for large projects where large quantity of spotlights are required - quick installation makes work easier and faster.

Versions are available in:

LED LINE® SMD 220-260V 5W 400LM 4000K 50MM DIM


LED LINE® SMD 220-260V 5W 400LM 2700K 50MM DIM


LED LINE® SMD 220-260V 5W 400LM 6500K 50MM DIM