All those who are fond of new technology will certainly recommend the #AURASMART panel.

EASY-FIX AURA and AURA SMART panels are dedicated to residential spaces, hotels, office rooms, as well as doctor's offices and hospitals. These products are certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene making it a suitable choice for projects where highest hygiene standards are required.

This product offers the benefit of controlling the light with the use of smartphone from any place in the world via IoT TUYA system.The user can control not only the brightness in the range of 0-100% but also the colour temperature in the range between 2700-6500K These features place our product in the centre of the HCL, (Human Centric Light) philosophy which supports the human natural circadian rhythm: 

- colour temperature adjustment

- light intensity regulation

- easy surface and recessed installaton

- possibility to change its design using replaceable magnetic coloured frames

Matt black




AURA 2700K

AURA 4000K

Enjoy being in full control of the light!