LED line® TRI-PROOF RANGER is an industrial luminaire that stands out from all products. Thanks to 12 variants of power and colour temperature configuration we can significantly reduce the stock to one luminaire. With the linear connection of RANGER luminaires we can illuminate production and utility buildings, warehouse and sports halls, as well as garages and passage ways.

Using dip switches mounted under the diffuser, we can adjust the power and colour temperature by selecting one of twelve variants. This saves space and reduces storage costs.

 12 w 1

- The luminaire has OSRAM's branded Multi-Power Driver for durability and long lifespan.

- The diffuser is made of polycarbonate - which makes it more than 90% light transmittance. In combination with efficient LEDs, it achieves a light efficiency of 140lm/W from a luminaire at a colour temperature of 4000K, so we can use fewer luminaires to illuminate a given room and save costs, maximising the return on investment. The diffuser has been designed to limit the glare effect to UGR<25. Polycarbonate is UV resistant, which prevents the unwanted yellowing effect and is very resistant to mechanical damage- IK08.

- Anti-drop design - the luminaire is designed for user safety and ease of installation. It is equipped with handles to prevent the diffuser from disconnecting from the housing and dropping down during installation, which also makes it easier to adjust the luminaire after installation and to connect the luminaires in a straight line.
- Cable - the luminaire has the possibility of linear installation without special tools by means of quick-connectors, thanks to which installation is very fast, comfortable and pleasant.
- IP66 protection - distinguished from many products by its waterproofness, it retains its properties also in case of linear connection.
- PF>0.92 - thanks to this, we make greater use of electricity from the mains, we do not lose reactive power.
- Durability 100,000 hours according to L70B50 - this means that after 100,000 hours of lighting, 50% of all diodes in the luminaire will light up with a flux of not less than 70% of the initial value. This gives us the certainty of use for many years.
- A 5-year warranty is provided for the product