Have a full control over colours with the new LED line® PHOTON RGB LED floodlight

The PHOTON RGB floodlight, which became very popular after this year's LIGHT FAIR in Warsaw, is ideal for decorative lighting of parks, monuments, facades, gardens, trees, arbours and other elements of small architecture. Thanks to its waterproof properties, it can be used to illuminate ponds and fountains.

Being controlled by TUYA application (connection via Bluetooth), this product gives many possibilities of remote control:


- RGB colour palette (colour adjustment)

- dimming according to your needs

- multiple device grouping

- remote switch-on and switch-off

- time settings (switch on/off)

- automatically changing colours according  to the rhythm of music


IP65 - high degree of protection, resistant to water spray from all directions

IK06 - impact resistance

Innovative handle for easy installation, no need to disassemble before installation

50W power available

3-year warranty