Discover the new floodlights

PHOTON floodlights are products developed through many months of work conducted by LEDIN’s lighting specialists, who put all needs of our customers into consideration. Their undeniable assets are extraordinary durability and higher IP65 protection class, which make them well fit for both interior and exterior use in industrial facilities.

Within our offer you can find, among others, PHOTON floodlights with 10 W output, and a new variant with colour temperature of 6000K. These products achieve high luminous efficacy of 80 lm/W, while maintaining the floodlight’s light beam of 800 lm. The PHOTON luminaire feature a wide beam angle (each floodlight has as many as 15 SMD2835-type diodes) of 120*, which helps dispers the light equally over greater area

We kindly encourage all our customers to check our new PHOTON floodlights offer, which are intended for wholesale and suitable for use in almost all types of buildings.

What else makes PHOTON floodlights stand out?