LED line® COB strips are our response to the market needs whereby the latest COB (chip on board)

Technology is used to provide the user with a single line of light and a perfect colour reproduction.

Whilst there is a wide range of applications, these COB strips are the perfect match for decorative and specialist lighting purposes.  


When choosing our COB strip lights the user will always benefit from the following: 

  • a fully single line of light effect thanks to the high density of LED chips per metre; 

  • wide beam angle of 180 °;  

  • energy savings due to excellent luminous efficiency at the rate of 90lm/W;

  • excellence in colour rendering thanks to the high CRI of CRI>90

  • eliminating the risk of voltage drop over long sections of strip thanks to the 24V constant voltage supply.        


LED line® COB strips come with a three-year manufacturer's warranty. In our pursuit of excellence we assure that all products undergo stringent photometric tests at the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Center prior to the supply of goods to our business partners and customers. 


If you are interested in our LED COB strips, please contact our team members  - export@ledin.pl