Now you receive higher luminous efficacy with the same power consumption with LED line® HIGH BAY luminaires.

Luminaires are dimmable in the range of 1-10V, equipped with Mean Well power supply and LEDs provided by CREE.

Producing a luminous flux of 30000lm, HIGH BAY luminaires achieve a high luminous efficiency of 150 lm/W. Luminaires are offered with different variants of light distribution angle: 60˚, 90˚, 120˚, which allows Users to make a proper use of them in any project, allowing to eliminate the loss of light.

The FLICKER FREE FLICKER FREE system eliminates the harmful effect of flickering and guarantees safety for the user's eyesight.

LED line® industrial luminaires meet the stringent quality requirements for the illumination of factories, industrial halls and warehouses. Energy efficiency of LED line® HIGH BAY luminaires significantly reduces the costs of business running costs.

Massive, densely ribbed housing made of high-quality molded aluminum alloy, effectively dissipates heat emitted by LEDs, which significantly extends the life of the LEDs

The products are covered by a 5-year manufacturer's warranty.