LED line illuminates the ROTA ET SPECULUM installation by Hanczar Studio for Geberit

The ROTA ET SPECULUM project is an installation inspired by the transformation of certain products from the Koło brand into the Geberit portfolio. The creators of the sculpture, Szymon Hanczar and Przemek Słowik, combined well-known bathroom products with a massive mirror and music, illuminating the whole piece with a unique RGB linear lighting system created specifically for this occasion by LED line.

The work was unveiled during the Geberit Thinking Forward banquet at the Zamoyski Palace, the headquarters of the Association of Polish Architects (SARP) in Warsaw, which concluded the “Shigeru Ban and Architecture for Refugees” conference. The exhibition guests were primarily architects. Now, the project featuring our products has been awarded in the prestigious LIT Lighting Design Awards competition!

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We showcase the products in a new light

The main protagonist of the installation, the bathroom ceramics from the Koło brand, has become part of the portfolio of Geberit, a renowned manufacturer of concealed cisterns. To celebrate this fact, in collaboration with Hanczar Studio, the project’s initiator, we created a unique visual setting for an event organized by the Geberit brand. The result is an exhibition with a distinctive character.

An integral part of the installation became the mirror, which helped dispel the trivial nature of the objects represented by individual models of sanitary ceramics, revealing their new visual quality. The second important component co-creating the sculpture was light. By cutting off natural light with internal shutters and limiting its source to a single long, low-hanging linear fixture above the objects, LED line brought the exhibits out of semi-darkness.

The project was placed in the Mirror Hall of the Zamoyski Palace – in this extraordinary space, the light emitted by our RGB linear lighting played a significant role, creating a unique atmosphere. The color of the light, blue, was a reference to the Geberit company’s branding, adding a touch of extraordinariness and emphasizing the uniqueness of the event. Well-known bathroom products were subtly illuminated, creating an unusual installation that presented sanitary accessories in an entirely new light.

LED line – professionalism, timeliness, and fast execution

At LED line, we have a wealth of ideas and are open to new challenges, projects, and participation in original authorial endeavors. As professionals and industry experts, we value not only the needs and time of our clients but, above all, the timeliness in executing orders. All of this allows us to continuously improve our collaboration model with our partners, based on mutual trust.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience of our team, we were able to create dedicated lighting for the Geberit installation at the Zamoyski Palace in a very short time. From the moment the order was placed, we delivered a 4.5-meter-long fixture with variable color LED lighting in just a few days. All the components we used come from the LED line’s regular offer. The availability of a wide range of products and complementary solutions allows us to comprehensively prepare lighting for exceptional authorial projects and according to users’ needs.

Appreciated collaboration: LIT Lighting Design Awards for Hanczar Studio and LED line

The ROTA ET SPECULUM installation not only impressed the guests of the Warsaw conference but also caught the attention of the jury of the international LIT Lighting Design Awards 2022 competition. Its aim is to celebrate creativity and innovation in the field of lighting products and applications. The project, carried out in collaboration with Hanczar Studio, received recognition in the “Visitor Experience & Museum Exhibition” category.

The LIT Design Awards were created to recognize the efforts of talented international lighting product designers and lighting implementers. We fully agree with the competition organizers that lighting is both an art and a science, and a key element of design.

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