Higher energy efficiency, lower energy consumption

We invite you to discover new products in our offer – PRIME line LED power supplies. Available in various models and
configurations, they are the ideal solution for customers looking for reliable and energy-efficient power supplies. They
are used in decorative backlighting systems in furniture and interior finishes , offering a wide range of design possibilities

Key features of PRIME line pulsed LED power

The availability of a full cross-section of 12V and 24V
provides the customer with flexibility and the
ability to tailor the power supply to the specific needs
and requirements of the lighting system.

A high Power Factor = 0.9 means higher energy
efficiency, which translates into many benefits, such as
reduced energy losses, increased efficiency of the
power grid and lower electricity costs.

IP67 guarantees reliable operation even in harsh
weather conditions. Resistance to water and steam
increases the safety of the lighting system and eliminates the risk of failure.

The power supplies are compliant with EMC 55015,
which proves that they meet the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility: they do not interfere with
their operation in the context of interference, do not interfere with the operation of other devices, and at the same time are immune to the emissions of other devices (that meet the objectives of EMC).

The 5-year warranty ensures that the power supplies
are of high quality and reliable. In addition, the long
warranty shows the manufacturer’s confidence in its
own products.

The housing material – plastic, ensures the lightness
and durability of the power supply. Power supplies are
equipped with long current cables ~20cm. Dimensions
depend on the particular model and its power

In addition, the functional printed packaging makes it
easy to store on the shelves in the wholesaler, allowing
you to conveniently and quickly select the right power
supply without having to search through the entire
assortment, which increases work efficiency and saves

Main product features:
  • Voltages: 12V and 24V
  • Power Factor = 0,9
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Standard: EMC 55015
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Material: plastic

All available models:
Symbol Name
LL-12-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 12-12 IP67 12V
LL-12-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 12-24 IP67 24V
LL-20-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 20-12 IP67 12V
LL-20-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 20-24 IP67 24V
LL-35-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 35-12 IP67 12V
LL-35-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 35-24 IP67 24V
LL-60-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 60-12 IP67 12V
LL-60-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 60-24 IP67 24V
LL-75-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 75-12 IP67 12V
LL-75-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 75-24 IP67 24V
LL-100-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 100-12 IP67 12V
LL-100-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 100-24 IP67 24V
LL-150-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 150-12 IP67 12V
LL-150-24Power supply LED line PRIME-24 IP67 24V
LL-200-12 Power supply LED line PRIME 200-12 IP67 12V
LL-200-24 Power supply LED line PRIME 200-24 IP67 24V

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