Industry needs a robust and energy-efficient LED line® RAIDER 130 luminaire

LED line® RAIDER 130 High Bays are designed for factory halls, high-bay warehouses as well as commercial, sports and fair facilities. Their massive and densely ribbed casing made of 100% aluminium effectively dissipates heat emitted by LEDs, which significantly increases their service life.


The power supply voltage range for this product is very large: 100-277V AC, so that the luminaires are resistant to voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. The luminaire is equipped with high quality DC and hermetic SOSEN power supply.

Choosing the right lens allows to desired light dispersion at 60°, 90° or 120°.

High resistance to damage is guaranteed by polycarbonate material, which the diffuser is made of, and aluminium, which the housing is made of.

The product operates in the temperature range -40 ~ +45 °C.