New ceramic light source models are already in our offer

Perfect design for a modern interior, giving a distinct character to each lamp.

Large size light sources:

G125 with a diameter of 125 mm, 35W power and 3500lm luminous flux 

A95 with a diameter of 95 mm, power 25W and a luminous flux of 2500lm

Available in two color temperatures 2700K and 4000K. Their high luminous efficacy - 100lm / W, provides a large amount of light with low energy demand, bringing significant savings.

The extremely large 280 ° beam angle disperses the light as much as possible. The Flicker Free system used in the power supply eliminates the unfriendly effect of flickering lights, which increases comfort in everyday use without causing eye strain.

The massive ceramic heat sink effectively dissipates heat outside, protecting the LEDS from overheating and increasing their lifetime. The product comes with a 3-year manufacturer's warranty.