EASY FIX PRO panel – discover the power of its possibilities!

EASY FIX PRO panels – are luminaires with a universal design and many possibilities both in terms of installation and lighting parameters. They are ideal for use both in offices, private homes, public buildings,
restaurants, hotels, as well as on larger, covered areas.

Durability and comfort for years of use

Durable housing and high quality LEDs ensure long-lasting white
luminaire. As a result, users can enjoy not only efficient
lighting, but also save energy and minimal costs associated with
of maintenance or replacement of panel components panel.

What makes EASY FIX PRO panels different?

Customizing the installation to suit individual needs

The panel can be adapted to different types of mounting – surface or flush-mounted – which provides flexibility in installation, depending on specific installation needs and conditions.

The adjustable mounting rail gives you the ability to
to adapt the panel to existing openings.

  • You will install the 6W panel in holes with a diameter of 55 – 90 mm,
  • 12W panel corresponds to apertures 60 – 135 mm,
  • 18W panel fits openings 60 – 185 mm,
  • 24W panel – 60 – 260mm.

Which makes it a truly versatile solution and allows you to enjoy perfectly tailored lighting without any adaptation work. Importantly, the installation process is also very simple – no specialised tools are required, saving time and eliminating the risk of difficulties.

CCT light colour control

The selectable colour temperature and lack of flicker promote well-being and concentration.
In addition, intuitive operation allows you to quickly adjust the settings to your own preferences, which promotes work efficiency and comfort in everyday use.
Enjoy light of the highest quality, thanks to a high colour rendering index of RA>85.

Easy adaptation to existing openings

Design that enhances the aesthetics of rooms

EASY FIX PRO panels not only illuminate rooms perfectly, but also present themselves elegantly, adding a modern and stylish touch to interiors. Thanks to their subtle casing with a minimalist design and the choice of shape – round or square – they can easily fit in with any décor, while emphasising the aesthetics of the room.

Multiple panel variants
Technical parameters:
  • available wattage: 6W 12W 18W 24W
  • luminous efficiency: 90-100 lm/W
  • IP20
  • variable CCT color temperature: 3000K – warm, 4000K – neutral and 5000K – cold
  • color Rendering Index (CRI) >85

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