Now it is possible with LED line® TRI PROOF Easy Link luminaires.

In response to the most common concerns reported by various customers, we have developed a new series of LED line® TRI PROOF Easy Link luminaires thanks to which you receive highly functional, solid and reliable luminaires with IP65 hermetic protection.

These LED solutions are available in 20W, 40W, 60W power options with a high luminous efficacy of 100lm / W. These professional and hermetic LED luminaires are dedicated to operate in the most difficult conditions. Their construction and design allows for a quick and easy assembly using the fasteners provided. Enjoy the ease of assembly at the planning stage – there is no need for the preparation of long and unnecessary wiring across the ceiling surface. Also, there is no need to use any specific tools on the site.

1. Easy assembly

The connection of luminaires starts with opening the clips located on the housing end-cap. Then, the cable needs to be put through the gland and attached to a dedicated quick-connector.  In such a quick and easy way you can connect LED line®TRI PROOF Easy Link lamps, achieving a very aesthetic line of illumination.

2. Approved and officially certified for a wide range of applications
This product has been certified by the Polish Institute of Hygiene and is therefore recommended for the illumination of so-called "clean room lighting" in specialist facilities such as: medical buildings, food industry, warehouses, basements or other industrial premises. These luminaires are featured by a high degree of IP protection, which makes it suitable for a broader range of lighting applications and offers safety of use. These are also an excellent alternative to traditional fluorescent lamps.

3. Waterproof and dustproof properties

Thanks to IP65 protection class, LED line® TRI-PROOF luminaires are perfect for the illumination of spaces with a high degree of humidity and dust level. The product is resistant to 5J impact energy with an IK08 rating. Its unique ANTI-GLARE polycarbonate function ensures adequate light diffusion keeping the housing yellow-free and reducing glare effect. On the other hand, the 160° beam angle allows the lamp to be mounted in various planes, making it universal and practical solution.

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