Commonly used fluorescent lamps do not only contain dangerous mercury. These lamps also have a negative effect on our health as a result of flickering, which has adverse effect on the eyes and nervous system.

Fluorescent lamps illuminate our spaces in almost every office, warehouse, retail or industrial building. At the LED line® Light Research and Measurement Centre, a 60/60 raster luminaire with 4x 18W/1300 lm, 72 lm/W fluorescent lamps and a new LED line® Diora luminaire were tested:

Differences between raster luminaire with fluorescent light sources and LED line®DIORA panel based on LED technology confirm the validity of the direction of change followed by lighting manufacturers and environmental organisations. The total electricity consumption of fluorescent lamps is more than twice as high as that of LED panels. With such a low power consumption, the luminaire efficiency of LED line® DIORA is 5 to 9 times higher than that of luminaires with four fluorescent lamps. This comparison puts LED line® DIORA at the forefront of the most environmentally friendly, economical and health-friendly luminaires.