From today our most technically advanced LED line® panel DIORA 36W 5040lm gives users even more possibilities!

Unusually high light efficiency of 140lm / W and the lowest glare factor on the market - UGR <16, ensures high energy savings and maximum comfort for users' eyes.

1-10V control is the newest functionality of LED line® luminaires, the benefits of which will be appreciated by investors, designers and end users. The most important benefits of the 1-10V system are not only comfort, but most of all – amazing energy savings achieved through:

  • automatic adjustment of the luminaire's brightness to external lighting conditions, ensuring the required light intensity on the working surface
  • the possibility of configuring the STAND-BY function, i.e. automatic dimming of the luminaire to 20% brightness when there are no people in the area
  • automatic switching off of the luminaires in the long-term absence of people in the area  

The LED line® DIORA panel is a luminaire dedicated to installation in coffer ceilings. The light is emitted at an angle of 75 °, which is almost the same as in the old-fashioned raster fittings (4xT8 tube). Such characteristics mean that the replacement of luminaires in offices, public utility buildings or schools can be performed without the time-consuming change of the location of the lamps.

The LED line® DIORA luminaire offers unlimited application possibilities, depending on the needs of a given space. In addition to the standard white colour, it is also available in countless colour variants available from the RAL palette. LED Line® provides 3D solids on the BIMobject platform and IES libraries, necessary when designing lighting in Dialux or Relux.

Luminaires with 1-10V control perfectly match the latest trends in lighting, i.e. Daylight Harvesting and Human Centric Lighting. For the proper operation of the 1-10V LED line® lighting system, we highly recommend Merrytek sensors use.