A 2in1 panel from the LED line PRIME series, installed as you wish. You save time and money.

It is important for us to develop our product range and provide solutions that are practical and functional. With this in mind, we have a new addition to our range - a 2in1 panel from the LED line PRIME series. This means double savings. Our panel was created for people who appreciate the hybrid way of installation, as well as aesthetics. It guarantees quick installation without the use of additional frames.

As a proven manufacturer of LED lighting, we know how important it is to have installation freedom and, at the same time, multi-functionality. The 2in1 panel offers the possibility of both suspended ceiling and surface mounting, which reduces the cost of the entire lighting point. 

The 2in1 panel is a combination of modern technology and high-quality workmanship. It is a durable product that is built to last. The casing is based on the Yellow Free solution, thanks to which it does not turn yellow and will look aesthetically pleasing for years.  


Why choose the PRIME LED line 2in1 Panel?

  • The very aesthetically pleasing end result, thanks to a casing with a thickness of only 16mm. 
  • It speeds up installation work, as it can be installed without the use of additional frames.  
  • It provides the most favourable colour of light for the human eye, with a colour temperature of 4,000K.  
  • The product is energy-efficient: it provides a lot of light and consumes little electricity. It achieves a luminous efficiency of 120lm/W. 
  • It has a robust construction resistant to bending, and its high-quality guarantees failure-free operation.  
  • It is an ideal replacement for the traditional louvre luminaire previously installed, for example, in schools. 
  • 5-year warranty assured thanks to its high-quality power supply and diodes. 

It is the ideal solution for a variety of spaces and for anyone looking to save money on lighting. The product is suitable for use in offices, commercial premises or schools.  

Before being added to our product range, all products undergo quality tests in the LED line Light Research and Measurement Centre that we have created. Thanks to this, we can be sure that the products delivered to our customers are safe, long-lasting and comply with the applicable directives and standards. 

If you are interested in the 2in1 Panel product, please contact our specialists at export@ledline.pl