We must share some great news with you today! The group of LED line® strips has been supplemented with professional novelties, which perfectly complement the existing assortment of LED strips.

These new LED line® 24V strips are available in a wide range of colour temperatures, Multiwhite™, RGB and RGBW colour palettes.

Why professional installers and investors choose 24V for their investments?
Discover the most important reasons below:

- 24V reduces the risk of voltage drops which means that longer sections of LED strip can be powered while maintaining the consistency and uniformity of light distribution over the entire length.

- Less heat produced: the current flowing in the system is half as much as that of 12V strips, which significantly reduces the operating temperature and extends the life of diodes, as well as increases the safety of use.
- 2x more strip with 1 controller: a controller with an output load capacity of 8A, for example, is able to handle twice the length of 24V strip in comparison to 12V strip. Fewer controllers save money and time.

- LED line® 24V strips are fully compatible with home automation systems. Most building control systems are powered by 24V.