The offer is addressed to current and new business partners of LEDIN Group Sp. z o. o.

What clients gain thanks to integration:

  • automatic download of full product range
  • automatic offer update
  • inventory control,
  • current catalog prices of products

The offer is made available in standardized data formats:=

XML – current stocks and prices
The LIGHT file contains:
– ID from B2B
– product code
– availability
– price in PLN and EURO
The FULL file contains:
– name
– product code
– brand
– category
– product card
– series – Parameter list in series
– link to declaration
– main photo
– unit
– stock level
– price in PLN and EURO
– logistic data (single, coll., palette)
– long description
– short description
– marketing icons (link and name)
– dynamic icons (link and name)
– links to product resources (e.g. certificate, manual, card technical)
– parameters – name with values and units
CSV – taking full offer, updating prices and stocks from LIGHT file

Status update for XML files:

  • FULL – once a day
  • LIGHT – every 5 minutes
  • XML Ceneo – 4x times: 6.00 / 12.00 / 18.00 / 00.00

As a producer and owner of the LED line brand, we focus on the innovation of our solutions. We have tried to standardize the integration processes in such a way that you can monitor the current stock level of our commodity base and manage the releases of ordered goods, ensuring that there will be no sale of goods that you do not have in stock. Our goal was to create a professional integration that would provide you with 100% correctness and maintenance-free inventory updates.

Do not wait, just now use the tools for importing and updating the database of goods built into your store. Offer the customer only those goods that are available!

We encourage you to use the module, which can be a perfect extension of your store’s integration mechanism.

Basic rules for the use of online integration files:

  • the offer is made available for integration at the request of the business partner (current or new) addressed to the sales manager of LEDIN Group Sp. z o.o.,
  • providing data about products offered in the store comes down to providing access data to links with the offer, updated periodically,
  • the links provided should be imported to an external system (e.g. an online store platform) in order to update the product database and stock levels,
  • the service recipient deciding to import data obtains data on products, categories, inventory and net catalog prices,
  • integration does not include wholesale prices, to the given prices you should add the discount granted in the customer’s price list, which you can find in your dashboard on the website ,
  • the data obtained may be used only by the recipient for the purposes of integrating the offer and may not be made available to other entities,
  • LEDIN Group Sp. z o.o. is not responsible for any irregularities resulting from incorrect integration of stocks,
  • files of the offer are made available automatically, so in case of any irregularities, please report them immediately to your supervisor.

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If you are looking for opportunities to develop your business, we have a specific proposition for you: we invite you to join us as a partner cooperating with our distribution networks.

Why LED line?
Because we are an ambitious, dynamic company that is gaining recognition both on the Polish market and internationally. We are a team of experts who create partnership-based business relationships based on trust. We operate based on the win-win principle, and our efficiency-based approach ensures a higher level of profit.


Our offer is addressed to both large purchasing groups as well as small shops specializing in the sale of lighting products.



LED line is one of the few lighting companies in Poland with such an extensive and modern technological base that allows us to support developers and investors in the implementation of advanced investments.



We work with respected installation companies operating throughout Poland. Our specialists train employees in the field of industrial and commercial lighting installation.