New! LED Line® “EasyFix” Panel and its advantages


Easy assembly – this is the fundamental advantage of the LED Line® EasyFix Panel which you can be flush-mounted and surface-mounted, depending on your preferences. Thanks to the adjustable mounting rail, the Panel will fit into the most existing mounting holes. Built-in linear driver is the space-saving solution and makes it easier for the panel to be installed. The product guarantees the highest lighting parameters: wide beam angle of 120°, clear and pleasant light with RA>80 rating. Very slim casing (13mm) creates a perfect look in homes, offices, hotels, shops or restaurants, and in places where functionality and modern lighting is desired. The Panel is made of high quality UV radiation resistant material which protects the casing and preserve its whiteness for many years. The thermally conductive plastic material guarantees effective heat dissipation, created by the highest quality LED modules.