Nie ma mocnych na nowe lampy LED line® TRI-PROOF


New indestructible LED Line® Tri-Proof (hermetic) lamps!

Exceptionally high degree of protection against mechanical impact (IK08), indestructibility and reliability whilst working under extreme conditions – these are the only few features of the new LED Line® TRI-PROOF lamps! These are the most durable industrial lamps we have manufactured so far. The lamps meet the highest expectations and will successfully pass almost every “resistance test”.

Ingress Protection (IP65) and Degree of protection against mechanical impact (IK08)

LED Line® TRI-PROOF lamps are resistant to solid objects, snow and rain. They are a perfect match for illumination of places of high humidity and dust level such as industrial halls, boiler rooms workshops, swimming pools or warehouses.

Thanks to the casing being made of high quality plastic and the cover (diffuser) made of durable polycarbonate – the lamps are resistant to mechanical impacts at IK08 rating. Thanks to the IP65 rating the TRI-PROOF lamps can work in difficult working conditions. The lamps have been designed to work at the temperature between -25° do +45°.

Advanced technology

The TRI-PROOF’s casing is designed to ensure effective heat dissipation to the outside and an even distribution (spread) of  temperature inside, which provides optimal working conditions for the LEDs. The lamp has been improved to make the assembly as easy and fast as possible. The lamp can be slings-mounted using our dedicated slings or surface-mounted thanks to adjustable and flexible mounting brackets. The mounting brackets can be moved along the entire length of the lamp and thus they can be adjusted to the existing mounting holes. The lamp can therefore be fixed within seconds!

Perfect replacement

The polycarbonate ANTI-GLARE coated cover (diffuser) ensures appropriate light diffusion and prevents glare. The 160° beam angle at 20W, 40W or 60W makes the lamp universal and practical. The new TRI-PROOF lamps have an integrated LED module which provides a stable light output of 2000lm, 4000lm or 6000lm respectively. Colour temperature of 4000K and CRI>70 provides natural day light which is the most suitable colour temperature for work places. The wide input voltage range 175-265V guarantees stable and reliable operation of LED line® TRI-PROOF lamps for many years.

LED line® TRI-PROOF lamps are a perfect replacement for traditional raster fluorescent lamps. The luminous flux of one 40W LED line® TRI-PROOF lamp is equivalent to two typical raster fluorescent lamps. The LED Line® TRI-PROOF is provided with a three-year manufacturer’s warranty.