LED line®Lamp E27 FILAMENT 220-240V 4W 70lm G200 SPHERA silver smoked glass


Luminous flux:70 lm

Guarantee24 months

  • Product code: 249778
  • Color temperature: 6000K
  • Voltage:220-240V
  • LED type:COG LED Filament
  • Case material:silver smoked glass
  • Decorative LED line® FILAMENT lamp is a perfect combination of retro style look the latest LED technology.

    Unique design

    LED FILAMENT fibres, placed inside the glass cover and mirroring the pattern of incandescent fibres, create fantastic and very stylish design and patterns. The uniqueness of the lamp is also achieved thanks to its non-standard size and shape.

    Wide range of applications

    This source of light creates a vintage-style, nostalgic novelty within the illuminated spaces. These sources of light are a perfect match for retro and modern interiors, e.g. restaurants, hotels, living rooms, etc.

    High quality

    The innovative design preserves the classic appearance of the lamp and ensures exceptional light quality. The lamp produces a luminous flux of 70lm with a wide beam angle of 330° and a colour temperature of 6000K.

    Flicker Free – eye safety and comfort is fundamental

    Lack of flicker provides wellbeing for people staying in the illuminated room and reduces irritation. Lamps with Flicker Free technology provide opportunity for maximum concentration.

  • Cool white light helps concentration therefore it is suitable for offices. It can be used as a decorative element especially in modern interiors.

  • It is a bulb that shines omni-directionally, so perfectly illuminate large areas. If you have a lamp out of place on a single source of light this is the best choice.

  • No flickering effect.

  • Lifespan of LED line® products gives you 30 000 hours of lighting, which is about 10 years of usage, 8 hours per day on average

  • No UV radiation is an important advantage. LED light emitted by diodes is safe for eyesight and does not attract insects.

  • For manufacturing LED line® products no dangerous substances such as mercury or lead are used. Even if the bulb is damaged, it is still safe for health.

  • Colour temperature: 6000K
  • Cap / fitting: E27
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Power: 4W
  • Beam angle: 330°
  • Luminous flux: 70 lm
  • Type of LED: LED filament
  • Power supply system: no flicker
  • Lifespan: 30 000 h
  • Switching cycle: 50 000
  • Color rendering index: RA≥80
  • Reaction time: <0,5 s
  • Warm-up time (60%): 1 s
  • LMF (lumen maintenance factor) (30 000h): 30%
  • Power factor: > 0,4
  • Dimmable: NO
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 200 x 295 mm
  • Weight with box: 700g
  • Collective packaging: 4 pcs.