LED line® Plafond LUNA SMD2835 18W 170-250V 1440lm IP65 MV

Power:18 W

Luminous flux:1440lm

Guarantee36 months

  • Product code: 249655
  • Color temperature: 4000 K
  • Voltage:170-250V
  • LED type:SMD2835
  • Case material:polycarbonate (lampshade)
  • LUNA is the most durable LED line® ceiling lamp. It is a modern, solid LED luminaire with a high degree of protection IP65, designed for many applications.

    1. Choose a practical and universal ceiling lamp.

    LUNA 12W emits light with a stream of 1000lm. Second version with a capacity of 18W emits a luminous flux of 1440lm, and the third version with a power of 24W and a luminous flux of 2040lm. The wide voltage range 180-265V makes the luminaire very resistant to all voltage fluctuations in the electrical network. The light from the entire luminaire is emitted evenly at an angle of 120 °. It has a wide range of applications making it universal and practical lighting solution.

    2. IK10 and IP65 – resistant to water and impact

    Led Line® LUNA is ideally suited to industrial halls, corridors, stairwells, living areas and places with high humidity levels (eg in bathrooms). In areas of increased humidity and pollution, solid particles and fluids should not penetrate the luminaires. In the case of LED line® LUNA with IP65 tightness class there is no doubt. The lamp is additionally characterized by the class of mechanical strength IK10, and it’s resistant to a percussion of 20J. This is another parameter that convinces about its reliability.

    3. Durable for frost and sun

    Lampshade made of polycarbonate ensures that it will have the same colour for many years. Deciding on LED line® LUNA, you can be sure that its shade will not yellow exposed to the sun or over time, and the sealing elements will not crumble in the cold. The luminaire works efficiently even in very difficult conditions – in the temperature range from -20 ° C to + 45 ° C.

    4. Safety of your eyes

    No flickering effect will provide people working in the illuminated facility with a good frame of mind and will not cause irritation. LED line® LUNA ceiling lamp with Flicker Free technology favors maximal concentration during work.

    5. You choose when it switches on

    The version of LED Line® LUNA with a microwave motion sensor, operating in the settings selected by the user, does not require manual switching on and off. It’s the perfect solution for corridors or stairwells, thanks to which you will save energy, reduce costs and protect the environment. The sensor can work in three modes:

    Mode 1. The dusk sensor measures the light intensity. The device allows the light to turn on automatically only after the minimum threshold has been reached, even if motion has been detected in the detection area.

    Mode 2. When the light intensity reaches the minimum threshold value (dusk falls), the device sends a signal to the central unit to turn on the light source after motion detection in the detection area.

    Mode 3. Depending on individual needs, the device will disconnect the power supply circuit (turn off the light) only after a specified time according to preferences. The device allows you to adjust the minimum threshold of light according to individual needs. The light will only turn on when the minimum value of light intensity is reached. The LED Line® LUNA ceiling lamp series is a reliable and universal light source with high resistance.

  • Bright, daylight like light emitted by the lamp invigorates to work, and is optimal for various applications.

  • The light beam of this panel is directed downwards. It is dedicated for installation in suspended ceilings, as a source of light in kitchen furniture, wardrobes and wall alcoves.

  • No flickering effect.

  • Lifespan of LED line® products give you 30 000 hours of panel lightening, which is about 10 years of usage, 8 hours per day on average.

  • No UV radiation is an important advantage. LED light emitted by diodes is safe for eyesight and does not attract insects.

  • For manufacturing LED line® products no dangerous substances such as mercury or lead are used. Even if the panel is damaged, it is still safe for health.

  • Colour temperature: 4000 K
  • Luminous flux: 1440lm
  • Power: 18W
  • Color rendering index: >80
  • Voltage: 170-250V
  • Type of LED: SMD
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Switching cycle: 50 000
  • Lifespan: 30 000 h
  • Warm-up time (60%): 1 s
  • Reaction time: <0,5 s
  • Power factor: >0.5
  • Power supply system: IC
  • Dimmable: NO
  • Level of security IP: IP65
  • Level of security IK: IK10
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): φ220x65mm
  • Weight with box: 755g
  • Collective packaging: 10 pcs.