LED line®FILAMENT lamp E14 F35 180-265V 2W 260lm

Pobór mocy: 2W

Strumień świetlny: 260 lm

Gwarancja: 24 months

  • Kod produktu: 249525
  • Temperatura barwowa: 4000K
  • Napięcie zasilania: 180~265V
  • Typ diody: COG LED Filament
  • Materiał obudowy: FILAMENT
  • Decorative flame-shaped LED line® FILAMENT E14 lamp is an energy-saving source of light dedicated for both, private and public spaces.

    The distinctive feature of all LED line® FILAMENT sources is its high lighting efficiency – in excess of 100 lm/W . This LED line® FILAMENT lamp with a daylight white colour temperature of 4000K not only provides strong and efficient illumination at 130lm/W but also has a very wide voltage range of 180-265V. This provides strong resistance and protection against voltage fluctuations in the electrical network.

    LED line® FILAMENT sources combine the traditional EDISON bulb style with the most advanced and modern LED technology. Graphene-based DECORATIVE LED lamp – check the benefits

    1. Graphene effectively prolongs the life of LED lamps and improves their luminous efficiency. Graphene is as good electricity conductor as copper and outperforms all known materials in terms of heat conductivity. It helps dissipate the heat produced by the diodes, making the illumination brighter. Thanks to its properties, graphene reduces the temperature generated by LEDs, which translates into improved light output and longer lifespan.
    2. Graphene provides the best working conditions for LEDs.

    Its molecular structure provides opportunity to create a unique, elliptical shape of the light source. The elliptical shape not only creates a unique and stylish decoration but also widens the illumination beam angle up to 320°.

    1. Strong illumination, low power consumption.

    Thanks to its properties, the graphene LED lamp is 10% more efficient, and thanks to its low energy consumption, it generates real savings.

    1. Graphene is so flexible that it can be stretched by up to 20%.

    Thanks to the above feature, it is now possible to bend LED fibres, creating an even more interesting design of the lamp.


  • Bright, daylight like light emitted by the lamp invigorates to work, and is optimal for various applications.

  • It is a lamp that shines omni-directionally, so perfectly illuminate large areas. If you have a lamp out of place on a single source of light this is the best choice.

  • No flickering effect.

  • Lifespan of LED line® products give you 30 000 hours of bulb lightening, which is about 10 years of usage, 8 hours per day on average.

  • No UV radiation is an important advantage. LED light emitted by diodes is safe for eyesight and does not attract insects.

  • For manufacturing of LED line® products no dangerous substances such as mercury or lead are used. Even if the lamp is damaged, it is still safe for health.

  • Temperatura barwy światła: 4000K
  • Cap / fitting: E14
  • Voltage: 180~265V
  • Power: 2W
  • Beam angle: 320°
  • Luminous flux: 260 lm
  • Type of LED: LED filament
  • Power supply system: switch IC
  • Lifespan: 30 000 h
  • Switching cycle: 50 000
  • Color rendering index: RA>80
  • Reaction time: <0,5 s
  • Warm-up time (60%): 1 s
  • LMF (lumen maintenance factor) (30 000h): 30%
  • Power factor: ≥ 0,5
  • Dimmable: NO
  • Dimensions: 35 x 120 (mm)
  • Weight with box: 40g