LED line® Strip 600 SMD2216 12V 4000K IP65

Pobór mocy: 48W +/- 5% (5 meters)

Strumień świetlny: 3400lm

Gwarancja: 36 months

  • Kod produktu: 249150
  • Napięcie zasilania: 12V DC
  • Typ diody: SMD2216
  • Podłoże: laminate PCB
  • This LED line® strip comes with an I65 silicone layer which protects the product against the ingress of dust and water.


    The high quality 2216 LEDs are mounted on a white laminate and can be distinguished by the followin:


    1.  High color rendering value (CRI> 90) which ensures the highest quality of colour reproduction.

    2.  Precise colour temperature produced by 2216 LEDs.


    The difference in colours between each individual chip (LED) is defined using the MacAdam ellipse. The MacAdam scale is divided into different levels, depending on the size of the surface of the ellipse. In this case (SMD2216), the difference in colour between each individual LED is so marginal and small that our LED light sources are placed on the third level of the MacAdam ellipse.


    This LED strip comes with the universal, daylight colour temperature of 4000K. Common attributes for LED line® strips are as follows:


    • 3M® double-sided adhesive tape guarantees easy, yet durable installation of LED line® tape to the surface.
    • optimal thickness of flexible PCB laminate enables to freely form almost any shape while minimizing voltage drops throughout all sections of the strip.
    • compact size enables use even when the traditional lighting solutions are not applicable.
    • each tape can be divided into needed pieces.
    • wide lighting angle 120°.
    • 12V DC voltage.


  • Lifespan of LED line® products give you 30 000 hours of tape lightening, which is  about 10 years of usage, 8 hours per day on average.

  • The strip can be cut into parts of any length..

  • Very good adhesion is guaranteed by the original double sided 3M® tape.

  • LED line® strip is very flexible that is why you can form any shapes and install it in difficult to reach places.

  • Barwa światła: 4000K
  • Voltage: 12V DC
  • Power consumption: 4A/5m
  • Power: 48W +/- 5% / 5 m
  • Watts: 9,6W/m
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Luminous flux: 3400lm
  • Type of LED: SMD 2216
  • Cutting section: 2,5 cm
  • CRI (color rendering index): >90
  • Weight with box: 165g
  • Dimensions: 8mm laminate PCB
  • Dimmable: only with PWM dimmers