Panel LED line® Easy Fix 24W 2300lm 4000K

Pobór mocy: 24 W

Strumień świetlny: 2300lm

Gwarancja: 24 months

  • Kod produktu: 248849
  • Temperatura barwowa: 4000 K
  • Napięcie zasilania: 220-260V
  • Typ diody: SMD
  • Materiał obudowy: Thermally conductive plastic
  • LED Line® “Easy Fix” Panel and its 7 unique features

    1. Choose your way of mounting

    LED Line® „Easy Fix” Panel can be surface-mounted or flush-mounted. You choose how you want your LED Panel to be installed – the installation method can be customised to your individual needs.

    2. Fits into existing mounting holes

    This LED Panel will fit into most existing mounting holes thanks to the adjustable mounting rail. You can fit the 6W LED Panel into a wide range of mounting holes with a diameter from 55mm to 90mm. The 12W LED Panel, however, can be installed in mounting holes between 60mm and 135mm. The 18W will fit into 60mm – 185mm, and the 24W into 60mm – 260mm.

    3. Enjoy the white housing (casing) for many years

    The LED Line® “Easy Fix” Panels’ housing is made of the highest quality UV radiation resistant material. The housing therefore remains pure white for many years. The use of thermally conductive  material guarantees effective heat dissipation.

    4. Choose the right colour temperature for your needs

    If you wish to increase your effectiveness at work, choose the 4000K LED Panel. Do you need some rest? The 2700K LED Panels will be an ideal fit for this purpose. The LED Line® “Easy Fix” Panels come with the daylight white colour (4000K) and warm white (2700K) colour.

    5. We take care of your eyes

    No flickering effect will ensure your well-being and will prevent irritation. LED Line® Panels with Flicker Free technology fosters focus during work or while studying.

    6. Install the Panel as easily as never before

    A built-in linear driver is a space-saving solution which facilitates Panel’s assembly. An additional steel suspension cable will help install the Panel securely. You can hang the panel using the steel cable provided and connect the wires easily.

    7.  Enjoy the highest quality light

    LED Line® Panels guarantee the highest lighting parameters: wide beam angle of 120° and clear and pleasant light with high RA>80 rating are only few of the advantages. Very slim casing (13mm) underlines the aesthetics of the Panel. The round LED Line® “Easy Fix” Panel will be ideal for your home (living room, dining room and bedroom), but also for the office, restaurant or hotel.

  • Bright, daylight like light emitted by the lamp invigorates to work, and is optimal for various applications.

  • The light beam of this panel is directed downwards. It is dedicated for installation in suspended ceilings, as a source of light in kitchen furniture, wardrobes and wall alcoves.

  • No flickering effect.

  • Lifespan of LED line® products give you 30 000 hours of panel lightening, which is about 10 years of usage, 8 hours per day on average.

  • No UV radiation is an important advantage. LED light emitted by diodes is safe for eyesight and does not attract insects.

  • For manufacturing LED line® products no dangerous substances such as mercury or lead are used. Even if the panel is damaged, it is still safe for health.

  • Temperatura barwy światła: 4000 K
  • Luminous flux: 2300lm
  • Power: 24W
  • CRI (color rendering index): ≥80
  • Voltage: 220-260V
  • Type of LED: SMD
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Switching cycle: 50 000
  • Lifespan: 30 000 h
  • Warm-up time (60%): 1 s
  • Reaction time: <0,5 s
  • Weight with packaging 859 g
  • Collective packaging: 10 pcs.
  • Dimmable: NO